Is there nudity in the movie Body of Lies?

Is there nudity in the movie Body of Lies?

► We see a nude man in a torture scene and his bare back, legs and side view of bare buttock are seen. We see the lower portion of a man’s bare back and the top of his bare buttocks during a torture scene.

Can kids watch Body of Lies?

Violent spy thriller is for adults only.

What is Body of Lies rated R for?

strong violence

Runtime: 128 min
Rating: Rated R for strong violence including some torture, and for language throughout.
Production: Warner Bros. Pictures
Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller
Country: USA

What is the story of Body of Lies?

CIA agent Roger Ferris (Leonardo DiCaprio) hatches a bold but dangerous plan to capture terrorist Al-Saleem. With the help of Ed Hoffman (Russell Crowe) who is a master of subterfuge, Ferris creates a fake terrorist organization to prompt Al-Saleem out of hiding. At the same time, Ferris must keep his plan secret from Hani (Mark Strong), the head of Jordanian intelligence, because Ferris will lose his own life if Hani finds out.Body of Lies / Film synopsis

Why is Shutter Island a 15?

Parents need to know that Shutter Island is a very intense thriller, with some highly disturbing imagery, including drowned children, Nazi concentration camps, piles of corpses, blood, guns, dark prison corridors, and bizarre, scary nightmares and hallucinations.

Why is the vault rated R?

The Vault is rated R by the MPAA for language. Violence: Individuals are threatened with guns. Sexual Content: None. Profanity: There are 23 uses of sexual expletives and 17 scatological curses.

Is bodies of lies based on true story?

While Body of Lies makes no claim to represent any real event in the War on Terror, Ignatius said the real-life intelligence situation in the Middle East inspired one of his central themes: the chasm between those on the ground and those in the office.

Is Body of Lies realistic?

What happens at end of Body of Lies?

In the end, Salaam tricked Ferris into believing that Aisha was kidnapped to get Al-Saleem. Ferris is disillusioned by the CIA and leaves to look for Aisha. Best part of story, including ending: It’s heart-pounding action that only Ridley Scott can deliver.

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