Is Silchar urban or rural?

Is Silchar urban or rural?

of India for Census 2011, Silchar is an Urban Agglomeration coming under category of Class I UAs/Towns. Silchar city is governed by Municipal Board and is situated in Silchar Urban Region. The total population of Silchar UA/Metropolitan region is 229,136.

Is Silchar a developed city?

“Following a query sent to the Centre by a Silchar-based organisation, Dr Shyama Prasad Mookherjee Memorial Swartha Suraksha Parishad, Silchar will be developed as the second logistics hub in the northeast region, after Jogighopa (in Bongaigaon district),” Sazzad Alam, deputy secretary at the state government’s Act …

Is Silchar a rural area?

Total area of Silchar is 871 km² including 818.55 km² rural area and 52.41 km² urban area. Silchar has a population of 7,04,465 peoples.

How many villages are there in Silchar?

Villages & Towns in Silchar Circle Cachar, Assam – Census 2011. List of all villages and towns in Silchar Circle of Cachar district, Assam. As per Census 2011, there are 16 towns and 246 villages within Silchar Circle.

Is Silchar a safe place?

Silchar is the second-largest city in Assam and has a literacy rate of 91.05%. It is the second safe city of Assam. The city has the highest rates of land disputes and property disputes, no denial but it does have a reduced number of crimes rates in robbery, vandalism and smuggling since 2017.

Why is Silchar famous?

It earned the moniker “Island of Peace” from Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India. Silchar is the site of the world’s first polo club and the first competitive polo match. In 1985, an Air India flight from Kolkata to Silchar became the world’s first all-women crew flight.

How many GP do you need in Cachar?

From the angle of Police Administration, the district area is divided into 8 (eight) Police Stations – Silchar, Lakhipur, Katigorah, Sonai, Borkhola, Udharbond, Jirighat and Dholai.

How many blocks are there in Cachar?

15 Nos
The District of Cachar is located in the Southernmost part of Assam is one of the oldest district of Assam….

1. Area in Sq. Km. 3,786 Sq. Km.
5. No. of Sub Division 2 Nos.
6. No. of Revenue Circle 5 Nos.
7. No. of Villages (Revenue) 895 Nos.
8. No. of Development Blocks 15 Nos.

Which is the safest city in Assam?

5 Safest Cities Of Assam 2020

  • Guwahati. Guwahati apart from being the capital of Assam is also a safe city and is the largest city in Assam.
  • Silchar. Silchar is the second-largest city in Assam and has a literacy rate of 91.05%.
  • Dibrugarh.
  • Jorhat.
  • Nagaon.

What is the language of Silchar?

Silchar is the headquarters of the Cachar district of the state of Assam, India. This City is 343 kilometres (213 mi) south east of Guwahati. It was founded by Captain Thomas Fisher in 1832 when he shifted the headquarters of Cachar to Janiganj in Silchar….

Official Language Bengali

How many circles are in a Cachar?

Cachar is one of the 33 districts of Assam….Administrative set up.

SL No. Circle Name No. of Revenue Villages
1. Silchar Revenue Circle 232
2. Udharbond Revenue Circle 83
3. Katigorah Revenue Circle 147
4. Lakhipur Revenue Circle 151

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