Is Royal Caribbean customer service 24 hours?

Is Royal Caribbean customer service 24 hours?

Call our Royal Customer Service Team at 800-256-6649 (24 hours / 7 days a week). Submit an online cancelation using our online form.

What is Royal Caribbean’s phone number?

(800) 256-6649Royal Caribbean International / Customer service

How do I text Royal Caribbean customer service?

  1. Call our Royal Customer Service Team (24 hours / 7 days a week)800-256-6649.
  2. Text our Royal Customer Service Team (9am-10pm EST / 7 days a week)800-256-6649.

Where is Royal Caribbean call center?

Springfield, Oregon
Royal Caribbean has operated a call center in the town of Springfield, Oregon since 2006 in a customized office which is designed to look like a cruise ship (see article below).

What is Royal Caribbean’s largest ship?

new Wonder of the Seas
Royal Caribbean has welcomed the world’s largest cruise ship, the new Wonder of the Seas. The 1,188-foot long cruise ship set sail for the first time on Friday. Take a look around the ship, which can accommodate almost 6,990 guests and 2,300 crew.

Where is Royal Caribbean headquarters?

Miami, FLRoyal Caribbean Cruises / Headquarters

How do I report Royal Caribbean?

Report your issue or complaint with Royal Caribbean by contacting its Post Cruise Guest Relations department. Call 800/256-6649 (514/285-9723 for outside the U.S.). If you prefer written complaints, email it or send a letter to Post Cruise Guest Relations at 1050 Caribbean Way, Miami, FL 33132.

How do I sue Royal Caribbean?

Guide to Sue Royal Caribbean in Small Claims Court

  1. Write Out Your Demands and Send a Letter. If you’ve found that your claim does qualify for small claims court, it’s time to begin.
  2. Fill Out Your Court Forms.
  3. Attend Your Court Date.

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Where is Royal Caribbean head office?

Miami, FLRoyal Caribbean International / Headquarters

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