Is Riley in boondocks a girl or boy?

Is Riley in boondocks a girl or boy?


Riley Freeman
Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Huey Freeman (brother) Robert Freeman (grandfather) Cookie Freeman (great aunt) Jericho Freeman (fourth cousin)
Nationality American

Who Boondocks Lamilton?

Lamilton Taeshawn is a 6 and later 8 year-old Afro-American juvenile delinquent and a main antagonist in the episode “Smokin With Cigarettes”. He is very malicious and says that he enjoys doing bad and unhealthy things. He abuses his grandmother and other people. He does not care for anyone, not even himself.

Was Huey older than Riley?

Riley Freeman Riley is Huey’s younger brother, and regularly represents everything Huey loathes and generally disapproves of.

What episode does Huey and Riley fight?

“Home Alone” is the tenth episode of the second season of the Adult Swim animated television series The Boondocks and the twenty-fifth episode overall. It originally aired on December 17, 2007.

Who is Bushido Brown based on?

Bushido Brown is obviously based on Jim Kelly, a martial artist from the 1970’s. He is famous for appearing alongside Bruce Lee and John Saxon in “Enter the Dragon”.

Where is Woodcrest based on?

However, the television show is based in Woodcrest, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Woodcrest by name sake is possibly based on Woodlawn, Maryland, a real life suburb of Baltimore, or Crestwood, Illinois a real life suburb of Chicago.

Can Riley beat Huey?

Huey regularly beats Riley with ease in their fights despite the fact Riley often uses objects such as frying pans, or golf clubs in their fights implying Huey is very disciplined and skilled against armed opponents. As shown, his style appears to be a mixture of several forms of Kung-Fu, Karate, and Ninjutsu.

Who is stronger Huey and Riley?

Huey has an amazing fighting style seen through his fights with Riley and other characters throughout the series. Huey is the strongest out of the group due to both his combat abilities and intellect.

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