Is Racingline a good brand?

Is Racingline a good brand?

The reputation for quality performance and reliability is becuase Racingline is a Tier 1 Partner to the Volkswagen Audi Group. This gives them access to the same engineers, materials and testing as VWAG along with the stringent quality controls which is why you bought a VAG vehicle in the first place.

Is Racingline VW approved?

We are a tier-1 partner to the Volkswagen Group, and to many we are best known for delivering the Volkswagen Racing motorsport programme ever since 1997. It was out of this manufacturer motorsport program that our increasingly popular Motorsport & Performance Parts range was born, now sold all over the world.

What is RacingLine?

In motorsport, the racing line is the optimal path around a race course. In most cases, the line makes use of the entire width of the track to lengthen the radius of a turn: entering at the outside edge, touching the “apex”—a point on the inside edge—then exiting the turn by returning outside.

Is Volkswagen racing line?

RacingLine’s story began in 1997, with the company originally formed as Volkswagen Motorsport UK Limited. The company was fully owned by the Volkswagen Group AG in Germany, set up to run the manufacturer’s factory motorsport programmes.

How do I find my racing line?

Finding the perfect racing line is always a weighing between high speed in the corner itself or the exit of the corner. There are several other aspects that will help you to find the perfect line. Always use as much space of the track as possible. The tighter a corner, the slower you have to go.

What is an apex turn?

Apex. The apex is often but not always, the geometric center of the turn. Hitting the apex allows the car to take the straightest line and maintain the highest speed through that specific corner. It is also the tightest part of a corner and the point at which you are closest to the inside of the corner.

What is Apex in motorsport?

The apex is the point at which you’re at the inside of the corner – it can also be referred to as the clipping point. Most circuits will have a curb at the apex to stop greedy drivers (most of us) from running onto and over the grass.

What is Apex race track?

The apex is the point at which you are closest to the inside of the corner, also referred to as the clipping point. Once you have hit the apex you should be able to reduce the steering lock, start increasing the throttle and focus on the exit.

What is the fastest racing line?

The geometric line is the fastest racing line through a corner if it’s in complete isolation with nothing before or after it. Luckily, race circuits are a bit more interesting than that and will have a corner or straight following the previous corner.

Should you accelerate while turning?

You should always avoid heavy braking or accelerating while turning as this can cause your car to become unstable. Use the following braking procedure while turning: Corner entry: Use your brake to lose all unwanted speed before you enter the corner.

How do you drive an apex?

To hit it, you’ll want to start breaking before you enter the turn, coast through the apex, and then slowly begin accelerating as you exit the turn and straighten your wheel. Essentially, the apex of a turn is the spot where it is sharpest, and it’s where you should be going your slowest.

How do I find Apex on track?

Why RacingLine performance?

By bringing together a full suite of carefully developed software, all matched to work in perfect harmony with our ever-growing range of hardware, we truly believe that RacingLine Performance can offer customers the most complete range of upgrades for their VWG car. TO SEE YOUR SOFTWARE.

Why choose our performance parts range?

Our Performance Parts range is the most complete on the market, all matched perfectly to the OEM+ software. By starting from scratch for each calibration, OEM+ achieves a very different level of performance and drivability. It’s never just about winding up the peak power. Free upgrades on your car for as long as you own it.

Who is RacingLine?

RACING’S IN OUR BLOOD. RacingLine is partner to Audi Sport, Volkswagen Motorsport and Cupra, with two decades of ‘works’ VWG motorsport behind us. ​ Our racing history shines through in all that we do.

Why upgrade to our performance parts and software?

ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PERFECTION. Our exquisitely engineered upgrades will unlock the true performance potential of your VWG car. There’s no clearer proof of automotive excellence than from the demands of motorsport; it’s on track where our Performance Parts and Software calibrations are conceived, proven and refined.

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