Is Quality Save the same as Home Bargains?

Is Quality Save the same as Home Bargains?

Even from the outside Quality Save stores look the same as Home Bargains but in fact, they are two different companies. Whilst Home Bargains is owned by TJ Morrisons and first opened back in 1976, Quality Save was founded earlier than Home Bargains in 1974 by Bob Rudkin.

How many Quality Save stores are there?

twenty three stores
Stores. Quality Save has a total of twenty three stores.

Who is the owner of Quality Save?

Bob Rudkin
Discount retailer Quality Save, which is based at Swinton in Greater Manchester, was founded by Bob Rudkin in 1974. The business is wholly owned by Bob and Diane Rudkin.

What type of shop is Quality Save?

Quality Save was founded in 1974 by Bob Rudkin on a market stall in Walkden and a small store in Farnworth. Quality Save sells the biggest brands at the best prices on the high street. we sell everything from fresh fruit and veg to furniture, toiletries, cleaning products and everything inbetween.

What does BNM mean shop?

Brick and mortar (B&M) refers to businesses that are bound to a physical space, like a specific building that customers go to in order to buy products.

Are B&M and Home Bargains the same?

The two budget retailers both offer the same range of store cupboard staples, biscuits and treats as well as a smattering of homewares and toys for shoppers, and both are owned by North West-based families.

Who is TJM Ltd?

TJ Morris Ltd, trading as Home Bargains, is a stand-alone retailer with a stand-out philosophy. With our unique independent approach, we combine the prices of a discount retailer with well-designed quality stores and fresh, friendly service. The result? A luxury shopping experience with a budget price tag.

Who do TJ Morris own?

Home Bargains
The main business of TJ Morris is the chain Home Bargains, which had over four hundred stores in the United Kingdom as of 2014. The slogan for Home Bargains is Top Brands, Bottom Prices.

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