Is possible best correct?

Is possible best correct?

Best possible means “the best that is possible.” Possible best means “it may be the best, but it might not. It isn’t certain.” So best possible fits better in this context.Mordad 7, 1394 AP

Is your a personal pronoun?

There are two types: possessive pronouns and possessive determiners. We use possessive determiners before a noun….Pronouns: possessive (my, mine, your, yours, etc.)

personal pronoun possessive determiner possessive pronoun
you (singular and plural) your yours
he his his
she her hers
it its its*

What are all the first-person pronouns?

We, us, our,and ourselves are all first-person pronouns. Specifically, they are plural first-person pronouns. Singular first-person pronouns include I, me, my, mine and myself. Here’s a tip: Whether you’re writing an email, creating a presentation, or just sending a quick tweet, Grammarly can help!

What words are pronouns?

A pronoun (I, me, he, she, herself, you, it, that, they, each, few, many, who, whoever, whose, someone, everybody, etc.) is a word that takes the place of a noun. In the sentence Joe saw Jill, and he waved at her, the pronouns he and her take the place of Joe and Jill, respectively.

Which is correct anybody has or anybody have?

Although “anybody” is in the third person singular, and hence the correct verb form used with it must contain an “s” (as in “anybody who has read the book …”), “have” in the situation described above is the only “correct” option. Why? Hope to hear from you soon!

Which is correct all is well or all is good?

“All is well” would be correct. Usually, “good” is an adjective and modifies nouns.

Is it grammatically correct to say that that?

A: When a sentence has two words back to back, like “that that” or “this this,” we hear an echo. But there’s not necessarily anything wrong. But your sentences are good examples; both are grammatically correct and neither requires any special punctuation.Shahrivar 1, 1392 AP

Is all of correct?

The Quick Answer If you use “all of” before words like “us,” “you,” “it,” “him,” and “her” (i.e., personal pronouns), you will be correct. For example: All of us. All of them.

Are all is all?

Re: All is, all are When ‘all’ means ‘everything’, it is singular. When ‘all’ means ‘everybody’, it is plural.Mehr 14, 1396 AP

What is the best pronoun?

Top 60 Pronouns

your 1067 (pronoun)
I 621 (pronoun)
they 617 (pronoun)
their 439 (pronoun)
we 352 (pronoun)

Which is correct all is or all are?

If a writer means “all of it,” she should use “is.” If she means “all of them,” she should go with “are.” So it depends on whether your contributor was thinking of the whole dish or the various things in it: “All [the soup] is returned to a simmer” or “All [the ingredients] are returned to a simmer.”Azar 27, 1385 AP

What are singular verbs?

A singular verb is a word that shows what has been done, is being done or will be done that agrees with a singular subject. Singular verbs have the same forms as plural verbs, except for third-person singular verbs, which end in the letter -s.Khordad 9, 1396 AP

Is all plural or singular?

You’re right, “all” is neither plural nor singular. It’s a determiner, and can be used with both count and non-count nouns and on its own. You’ve come up with some really good example sentences. Let’s look at them each in turn.Shahrivar 28, 1392 AP

Is us all grammatically correct?

As I know, “us all” and “us students” are correct when used as objects. As object of a preposition, yes. In colloquial/slang speech you can hear that as a subject. But the correct usage, if you don’t want to use any preposition, is to use the subjective case: We all, all we students.Shahrivar 16, 1387 AP

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