Is MobyMax still free?

Is MobyMax still free?

MobyMax is a free online curriculum for all K-8 subjects including math, reading, language, writing, science, and even state test prep. MobyMax unlocks the power of personalized and blended learning to help students learn twice as fast.

Who made MobyMax?

Glynn Willett
In this installment of TechChat, Education World talks to MobyMax’s CEO Glynn Willett. A co-founder with his son Wade Willett, the two are aiming to provide a complete and affordable K-8 personalized and blended learning solution.

What grade does MobyMax go up to?

Most of MobyMax’s curriculum covers Kindergarten through 8th grade. Here is a breakdown for each subject: Alphabet Letters – Alphabet Letters uses pictures, words, and sounds to make sure students recognize letters in any order of context and is recommended for developing readers.

Does MobyMax cost money?

Starting at just $7.99per month. Over 1.5 million teachers use MobyMax to help their struggling K-8 students close learning gaps and quickly catch up to grade level. Get the same set of award winning tools to homeschool or tutor your own children at an incredibly affordable price.

What is the difference between MobyMax and IXL?

MobyMax proposes an alternate solution compared to IXL and BrainPOP. Rather than focusing teaching the core subjects and lessons, MobyMax heavily focus on differentiated learning to close gaps. What does it mean? It means students can take “extra” lessons here to according to their own pace.

Is there an app for MobyMax?

We do not currently have a Moby app available, but we do have a great alternative called the Web Clip which acts just like an app. To create a MobyMax Web Clip that you can click on your home screen, follow these steps: For Apple: Open Safari.

How Old Is MobyMax?

MobyMax was founded in 2010 with the goal of closing learning gaps for all students. Today, in over 83% of K-8 public schools and growing, MobyMax is doing just that. MobyMax includes 115 modules covering all grades and subjects between kindergarten and eighth grade.

Does MobyMax have science?

Complete Coverage of NGSS and State Science Standards Moby Science is a comprehensive curriculum for grades 1-8. Teachers will find that Moby Science covers the entirety of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as well as all state standards.

Is MobyMax Common Core?

Complete, Integrated, Common Core MobyMax is the only completely integrated curriculum and teacher productivity system. All subjects and student data work seamlessly together. MobyMax is built from the ground up on Common Core standards.

Is there anything like IXL?

The best alternative is Khan Academy, which is free. Other great sites and apps similar to Ixl are (Freemium), Pocket Scholar (Paid), Grok Learning (Freemium, Open Source) and NSES (Freemium).

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