Is Island Packet a good sailboat?

Is Island Packet a good sailboat?

Island Packet sailboats are considered solid and well-built and have always used high-quality parts. However, age and design flaws cause problems like leaking port lights, fiberglass rot, keel separation, and electrical failures over time.

Is Island Packet still in business?

Island Packet Yachts is a subsidiary of Traditional Watercraft, Inc., founded by naval architect Bob Johnson in 1979. In January 2017, Darrell and Leslie Allen took ownership of the company, and it became Island Packet and Seaward Yachts.

How long does it take to sail around the island?

How long does Round the Island Race take to complete? Most 36ft cruisers finish in between 7 – 10 hours dependent on weather and sailing ability.

Is an Island Packet a blue water boat?

IP as a Blue Water boat It is a solid, well built boat with a 4’6′ draft. We always felt very safe, but a little small to go off-shore cruising for extended time.

Who designed Island yachts?

Bob Johnson
Island Packet began in 1979 with the vision of Naval Architect, Bob Johnson. He started off modestly, building a 27-footer, but he had big dreams. He built the company to into an industry powerhouse, focused on superior quality and safety, as well as comfort and livability.

Is Island Packet a bluewater boat?

Overview. The Island Packet 31, designed by Bob Johnson, founder of Island Packet Yachts, was the most risky and the most successful of the Island Packet lineage. Styled as a traditional cruiser but with more than a hint of broad hulled ‘catboat’ in her appearance, around 262 were produced between 1983 and 1989.

How do pirates avoid sailing?

1. Lift your dinghy alongside the toerail or on board at night, and if possible rig up a strop and halyard to make that easy. One of the easiest and highest value things to steal is a dinghy and outboard, and it will draw robbers to, and possibly on board, your boat.

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