Is Instaread any good?

Is Instaread any good?

Is Instaread worth it? Instaread is a good Blinkist alternative. It has fewer summaries than Blinkist, but they are longer than a typical Blinkist book summary. On comparing the quality of the book summaries, some books are better summarized by Instaread, while some are better summarized by Blinkist.

How do you make money on Instaread?

$100 Per Published Book Summary for Instaread

  1. by Chris Durst Mar.
  2. “Contributors and Instaread users who successfully complete a report that is added to our library will receive $100 and six months of free or extended access to the Instaread app.

Is Blinkist worth the money?

With over 5,000 summaries in its library and a price of only $0.18/day, Blinkist outshines most competitors. They have more content than most free summary sites and are cheaper than all other paid services. But even judged on its own, it’s an investment in yourself you won’t regret.

How do I cancel Instaread?

Instaread’s app is unavailable on Android at the time of writing….How do I cancel Instaread?

  1. Click the ‘membership’ button on your account.
  2. Press edit where it shows what plan you’re on (monthly or yearly)
  3. You’ll go to a screen where you can change membership options, press the link which says ‘cancel your membership. ‘

How do I cancel my Instaread subscription?

If you subscribed on an Android device, please follow the steps below to cancel: Launch the Play Store app….If you subscribed on, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log on via
  2. Click on “Membership” located in the top navigation menu.
  3. Click on the edit icon located besides your subscription plan.

What is Instaread app?

Instaread offers key insights from thousands of bestselling books. Available in audio & text. In 15 minutes. and thousands more!

Is QuickRead free?

QuickRead one of the must-have apps for book lovers. It’s a treasure trove of free book summaries available to listen to on an app or online, or read as text.

Are story shots free?

StoryShots offers a free version with a monthly, annual and one-time premium subscription for offline downloads. not displaying ads, highlighting, etc.

Is there a free version of Blinkist?

The good news is there is always a free tier. Apart from the trial version, you can always turn to Blinkist Daily for a free daily book summary.

Should I read books or summaries?

Reading an entire book and not just the summary requires you to concentrate. So now you know why you might often get sleepy or drowsy after reading just a few pages. Your brain needs time to adjust to focusing on a single thing for a longer period of time because we are increasingly becoming easily distracted.

What is the best free book summary website?

The Best Websites To Read Book Summaries (Free & Paid)

  • Blinkist.
  • Instaread.
  • Readingraphics.
  • Getabstract.
  • Bookey.
  • James Clear.

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