Is IMFACT still active?

Is IMFACT still active?

Imfact (Korean: 임팩트, a mixture of I’m Fact and Impact) is a South Korean boy band formed by Star Empire Entertainment in 2016….

Genres K-pop hip hop R&B
Years active 2016–present
Labels Star Empire

Did the kpop group IMFACT disband?

IMFACT announce their official disbandment as their contract with Star Empire Entertainment comes to an end. IMFACT have officially disbanded following their contract expiration. On January 4, Star Empire Entertainment took to IMFACT’s Twitter page to announce the group’s official disbandment.

What happened IMFACT Kpop?

IMFACT, a five-member boy group, has parted ways with the agency Star Empire Entertainment. Three members – Sang, Jeup, and Ungjae – posted personal messages announcing their decision to leave the agency on 3 January 2022. Jian and Taeho, along with Jeup, are currently enlisted in the military.

When did IMFACT disband?

On January 3, they announced that Imfact had disbanded much to their fans’ shock. Their last comeback had been in April 2020 with their first mini-album ‘L. L’. However, the K-pop group’s leader, Jian had better news.

What is IMFACT fandom name?

After plenty of drum rolls and excitement, the group announces that their fan club name is “IF.” While holding up balloons of the letters I and F, they explain, “It means that IMFACT and Fans are one.”

Who is the leader of IMFACT?

Imfact un/follow The group is composed of five members: Jian (Leader), Jeup, Taeho, Lee Sang and Ungjae.

Did Ungjae leave IMFACT?

K-pop group IMFACT have announced that they will be parting ways with their agency Star Empire. The news comes after three members – Jeup, Sang, and Ungjae – announced yesterday that their contracts with Star Empire had ended, and that they would be leaving the agency.

What happened to Imfact Kpop?

IMFACT (임팩트) is a five-member boy group formed by Star Empire Entertainment. They debuted on January 27, 2016 with the single album ” Lollipop “. The group parted ways with Star Empire on January 4, 2022 after the members have chosen not to renew their contracts with the agency; they were said not to be disbanded.

Who are the members of Imfact?

(L-R: Jeup, Naungjae, Leesang, Taeho, Jian) IMFACT (임팩트) is a five-member boy group formed by Star Empire Entertainment. They debuted on January 27, 2016 with the single album ” Lollipop “.

What is IMFACTORY 2017?

2017: IMFACTORY, The Unit. Imfact announced their 2017 project entitled IMFACTORY to their fans on a launching show on January 7. IMFACTORY is a mix of “IMFACT Factory and Story”. The project consist of monthly releases, mini fan meetings and mini concerts.

When did Imfact make a comeback?

Imfact made a comeback on April 17 with the digital single “The Light”. They performed at the KCON 2018 in Los Angeles, making it their first U.S. performance. On August 16, the group dropped a music video for their digital single “Nanana”. The song received generally positive reviews from music critics.

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