Is Gal Meets Glam going out of business?

Is Gal Meets Glam going out of business?

Should I continue to keep going? Isn’t this what everyone strives for in their career? But ultimately, I knew this was the best decision for the brand, for my family and for me as a human being. I have made the decision to turn off the website on August 8, 2020.

Who is Thomas Berolzheimer?

Thomas Berolzheimer is a film photographer, coffee enthusiast, and most publicly known as the co-conspirator (and husband) of Julia Engel, founder of the sensational lifestyle blog Gal Meets Glam.

Why did Gal Meets Glam go out of business?

The decision “stems from the lengthy disagreement between how we wanted to build Gal Meets Glam and how our business partner felt it should be run,” she wrote. The end of Gal Meets Glam Collection also means the end of the Gal Meets Glam brand with Berolzheimer at the forefront.

Where does gal meet glam live?

Everything about Gal Meets Glam is feminine and classic, just like the beautiful Julia. When Julia and Thomas first moved to Charleston they bought a romantic house in the bordering town of Mt. Pleasant, in what is called The Old Village.

How much does Julia Engel make a year?

Other top bloggers like Rach Parcell of Pink Peonies, Amber Fillerup Clark of Barefoot Blonde, and Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam are rumored to be making $1-3 million a year.

Where is Julia berolzheimer based?

Julia and her husband, photographer Thomas Berolzheimer, moved from San Francisco to Charleston in 2016 after falling in love with the charming city and this Lowcountry cottage in the city’s Old Village District.

Where did Julia berolzheimer go to college?

the University of the Pacific
I went to the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA, and I majored in Business with a concentration in Marketing. Looking back now, I couldn’t think of a better major to prepare me for what I am doing today.

Who Is Julia Engel?

Julia Engel, the Blogger Behind Gal Meets Glam, Launches Her Own Fashion Line. The size-inclusive collection centers around Engel’s style staple: feminine dresses.

Who Is Julia berolzheimer married to?

Thomas Berolzheimer
The custom-renovated home is one way that she and her husband, Thomas Berolzheimer, really are living the modern dream.

What size is Julia berolzheimer?

size 0
What size is Julia wearing in the new line? Julia wears a size 0 in most of the dresses.

Who designed Julia berolzheimer house?

They enlisted award-winning Architect Beau Clowney ( you can see another one of his projects I featured here) and Charleston designer Oliva Brock of Torrance Mitchell Designs to transform the home’s awkward layout into one that works for their young family.

Who Is Julia berolzheimer?

Julia Berolzheimer has become a household name as one of the very first -and most successful -bloggers when she created Gal Meets Glam in 2011. Since then, Julia has transformed her blog into a thriving business, with a clothing line, newly rebranded style site and noteworthy product collaborations.

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