Is FormaL still with OpTic?

Is FormaL still with OpTic?

Matthew “FormaL” Piper is back on an OpTic Gaming starting roster. The organization announced today that it’s moving the legendary console shooter into its Halo Infinite main roster. Halo legend and veteran Justin “iGotUrPistola” Deese has been moved to the bench. Welcome @FormaL to #OpTicHalo.

What does T2P mean OpTic Gaming?

time to pound
Scump and Formal coined the phrase ‘T2P’ – meaning ‘time to pound’ due to their domination on OpTic Gaming. The two played together for three-and-a-half years winning countless championships together and traveling across the world to do so.

What Halo team is OpTic FormaL on?


Date Place Team
2022-05-01 3rd OpTic Gaming
2022-04-17 1st OpTic Gaming
2021-12-19 4th Sentinels
2014-11-09 1st Believe The Hype

Why did FormaL quit CoD?

Formal Is Retiring From Pro Call of Duty With 10 years of practices, tournaments, and grinding all around, it has grown “tiresome,” and it just “isn’t the same anymore” for Formal. He noted that he could keep competing, but that would be a “selfish” decision for everyone around him.

Did Pistola get dropped?

I got dropped, from my point of view for no reason. I understand where my teammates were coming from, but my feelings weren’t considered. Im really shocked they dropped you.

Where is OpTic Dashy from?


Name Brandon Otell
Country of Birth Canada
Nationality Canada Lebanon
Birthday April 19, 1999 (age 23)

What does T2P meaning Cod?

In terms of historic Call of Duty duos, few are more decorated than Scump and FormaL. The pair, who coined the phrase ‘T2P’ – meaning ‘time to pound’ – have confirmed their reunion for Modern Warfare, despite a well-documented falling out as OpTic Gaming struggled in Call of Duty: WWII.

Did FormaL Win Halo?

Formal is the first player to win a major event in both Halo and Call of Duty.

What is OpTic Gaming?

OpTic Gaming was established in 2006 by OpTic “Kr3w” and Ryan “J” Musselman as a Call of Duty sniping team. In 2007, Musselman stepped down to hand over the team to Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez. The team made its beginnings in the competitive scene starting in 2010 with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on the Xbox 360 .

What happened to Crimsix OpTic Gaming?

A few days later, OpTic Gaming announced Crimsix would also be joining the team. The team won three out of the first five events of the year, but placed 7th at the Call of Duty Championship 2015. This poor placement pushed NaDeSHoT into retirement and allowed the team to add Karma from OpTic Nation.

What happened to OpTic Gaming’s roster?

With fans skeptical about the strength of the roster, OpTic Gaming finished the year as the undisputed best team by winning the 2017 CWL Global Pro League Stage 2 and finally claiming victory at the elusive Call of Duty Championship. Initially, the roster would stay the same going into the WWII season.

Who are the members of Op OpTic Gaming?

Optic Gaming started it’s CS:GO roster by picking up the North American roster of Conquest ahead of ELEAGUE Road to Vegas, consisting of Damian “daps” Steele, William “RUSH” Wierzba, Keith “NAF” Markovic, Shazeeb “ShahZaM” Khan and Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz.

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