Is exit permit still required in Qatar?

Is exit permit still required in Qatar?

On 4 September 2018 , changes made to the law regulating the entry and exit of expatriates removed the need for the majority of workers in private companies in Qatar to obtain an exit permit to leave the country either temporarily or permanently.

How can I get exit permit in Qatar?

Online Instructions

  1. Login with your smartcard to MOI e-services portal.
  2. Select “Exit Permit Services”, then “Issue Exit Permit for Citizen”.
  3. Choose the person for who the exit permit needs to be issued, from the list displayed by the system.

Does business visa require exit permit in Qatar?

Qatari employment law is very much in favor of the employer rather than the employee. This is borne out by the fact you will need to obtain an exit visa if you want to leave Qatar. Before leaving the country, you will need the consent of your employer to terminate your work contract. An exit permit costs QAR 10.

How do you get an exit permit?

Exit permit should be obtained only from the Foreigners Registration Office (FRO) where foreigner has registered. Enclose the documents required for obtaining exit permit. Approach the FRO with whom you have registered.

How can I check my Qatar exit permit online?

The Peninsula Online Ministry of Interior updated its website to add a page where one can enter the Qatar Identity number and check their exit permit status online. Click here to check if you require exit permit!

How long does it take to get an exit permit in Qatar?

Information on applying for an exit permit in Qatar… They can now apply for an exit permit themselves through Ministry of Interior’s Metrash 2 system and inform their employer 3 days in advance. The applicant will receive an SMS message stating if the exit permit has been approved or rejected within 3 days.

How can I check my name in blacklist in Qatar?

Click General Services. From General Services, choose “Inquire Travel Ban.” From here, there is a page that contains a circular of travel bans. From here, you will check to see if your ID number is in that list. If this is not the case, then you have no travel ban.

How long a residence visa holder can stay outside Qatar?

six months
“If the residents meet the conditions for entering the country, that is, they have valid residence permit and their stay out of Qatar is less than six months, they can enter without an exceptional permit,” said Major Abdullah Al Jasmi, Head of the Administrative Affairs Section at the Airport Passports Department.

How long does it take to get exit permit?

Exit Permit Visa Processing Time: The Exit Permit Application will be processed within 7-10 days after getting complete Documents / Payment / Information.

How does exit permit work?

An Exit Permit is normally granted annually for overseas employment, permanent residence, studies, or training. On a case-by-case basis, an Exit Permit of a maximum of 3 years may be granted for overseas employment or training. If you are studying overseas, it can be granted for the full duration of your course.

How long is exit permit valid Qatar?

Single exit permit has a validity of seven days and holder has to leave the country within that period. The law stipulates that you have to give the employer three days advance notice to process exit permit.

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