Is Dissidia Final Fantasy NT in English?

Is Dissidia Final Fantasy NT in English?

DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Digital Premium Edition (English/Japanese Ver.)

Is there a story mode in Dissidia NT?

In Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT, you can play through story mode to see the battles and plot events between Final Fantasy characters. Story mode has a set amount of battles that must be played, but the majority of it is filled with viewable cutscenes.

How do you play the story mode in Dissidia NT?

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT doesn’t feature a story mode in the traditional sense. Instead, as you play through the game, you’ll be able to unlock cutscenes and one-off battles that act as the game’s narrative.

How do I get more Memoria in Dissidia?

You only get Memoria when you earn Player Levels. You can also get treasure boxes, or loot boxes that don’t actually cost you anything. Inside treasure boxes you’ll find items like skins, portraits, music, and more.

Is dissidia a fighting game?

Dissidia Final Fantasy is a fighting game with action RPG elements developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation Portable as part of the campaign for the Final Fantasy series’ 20th anniversary.

Does dissidia NT have single player?

The Single-Player Content Was Full Of Grind Dissidia Final Fantasy NT squanders this with a bare-bones story mode that gradually needed to be unlocked by earning points in other modes. The reward for doing so was some cutscenes, boss battles against the summon monsters, and lots of fighting against bots.

Does Dissidia have a story?

The main story of Dissidia is broken up into sections for each character, and specific storyline events. Each section is separated into 5 different levels, and each level consists of moving around a Chess board like playing field (using DP), and defeating enemies.

How long is dissidia NT story?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 16 16h 01m
Main + Extras 1 17h 20m
Completionists 3 213h 04m
All PlayStyles 20 45h 39m

How do you get to Memoria?

Players will have to win online battles to unlock a Memoria that they can use in the Story tab. You can also get these Memoria each time you level up in the game, so be sure to try a variety of characters during your time in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT to find the best possible characters to level up quickly.

Is dissidia an RPG?

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