Is Comodo a Chinese company?

Is Comodo a Chinese company?

Comodo Security Solutions, Inc., also known as Sectigo, is a cybersecurity company headquartered in Bloomfield, New Jersey in the United States.

Is Comodo com safe?

Is Comodo Antivirus safe? Comodo Antivirus isn’t unsafe in itself, but it can’t fully protect you from malware or other online threats. Comodo’s software will provide you with more protection than if you have no antivirus software at all.

Who purchased Comodo?

Francisco Partners
Since Francisco Partners acquired Comodo CA in Oct 2017, many exciting things have happened. With our 20+ years of experience, we have issued over 100 million digital certificates and work with more than 700,000 businesses worldwide.

Is Comodo a trusted CA?

A fully Web Trust-compliant CA – the highest globally-recognized standard. Comodo controls more than one-quarter of the worldwide digital certificate market ● One of the most diverse and largest portfolio of PKI-based digital certificates.

What is Comodo SSL?

Comodo UCC ( Unified Communications Certificate) SSL is an advanced level SSL certificate that provides security to multiple domains and sub-domains. A single UCC certificate provides a 128/256 bit encryption and secures up to 3 Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs).

Is Comodo SSL legit?

Comodo is a well-respected name in the internet security industry. This company offers many options for those looking for a reliable SSL certificate provider, from EV to UC to Wildcard SSL certificates, Comodo’s SSL certificates cater to both small and large online stores.

Is Comodo Antivirus really free?

Comodo Antivirus is feature-complete and entirely free. However, paying $29.99 per year for the Advanced edition enhances your protection by giving you access to a focused version of Comodo’s GeekBuddy tech support service.

Is Comodo A root CA?

Downloading/Installing the Comodo Root Certificate Comodo is a universally trusted Certificate Authority whose roots are included in all major trust stores. However, if you’re creating your own CA for internal purposes, you may wish to add a custom root to your browser’s root store.

Who owns Comodo SSL?

Comodo SSL is a subsidiary of Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA), a worldwide leader in digital web security solutions.

Is Comodo SSL trusted?

Comodo SSL offers a range of features, such as fast certificate issuance and validation, 256-bit encryption, trusted by 99.9% of browsers, 30-day money-back guarantee, free “Trust Logo” that helps boost conversions and trust.

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