Is Canon G15 still a good camera?

Is Canon G15 still a good camera?

The Canon PowerShot G15 is an undeniably impressive compact camera. It’s not going to suit all tastes on account of its bulky, larger-than-average build, but for those after full control and both exceptional performance and image quality then there are few other places to look that deliver to this level.

Does Canon G15 have WIFI?

Note unlike the S100 there’s no built-in GPS, another missed opportunity; there’s no Wifi either. The G15 is powered by the same NB-10L Lithium Ion pack as used in the G1 X. Canon claims this is good for 350 shots with the screen or 770 with the optical viewfinder under CIPA conditions.

When did Canon G15 come out?

Model details

Model Release date Lens (35 mm equiv) zoom, aperture
G1 X January 2012 28–112 mm (4×) f/2.8–5.8
G15 September 2012 28–140 mm (5×) f/1.8-2.8
G16 August 2013
G1 X Mark II February 2014 24–120 mm (5×) f/2.0–3.9

Is the Canon G15 mirrorless?

Here we are comparing two Canon cameras cameras with different body types: Canon M10, which was introduced in October 2015 is a Entry-Level Mirrorless camera with a 18.0MP APS-C sensor whereas Canon G15, which was introduced in September 2012 is a Small Sensor Compact camera with a 12.0MP 1/1.7-inch sensor.

How do you blur the background on a Canon PowerShot?

Use the macro settings to make the background blurry. In the macro settings of your digital camera, preselect a wide aperture and a fast shutter speed. This will automatically result in background blur. Select the macro or super macro mode, and turn off the flash.

Is Canon G15 mirrorless?

As mirrorless cameras have impacted the sales/desireablity of high-end compacts, the G15 sees a return to the more compact dimensions of the earlier G7 and G9 models.

Is Canon G15 a DSLR?

As with many EOS DSLR cameras, the PowerShot G15 uses a 12-bit converter to process the output of the CMOS sensor, resulting in true color, smooth tonal transitions and natural gradations….Canon PowerShot G15 12MP Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD (Black) (OLD MODEL)

Brand Canon
Continuous Shooting Speed 2.1

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