Is Becker better than Wiley?

Is Becker better than Wiley?

No. Becker has higher quality live classes and video lectures. Wiley does cost slightly less and has more practice questions, but their video content and mobile app need a lot of improvement. Check out the free demos for Wiley and Becker if you want to see some of the differences for yourself, but I recommend Becker.

Is Roger CPA better than Becker?

UWorld Roger CPA Review vs. Becker: Final CPA Course Recommendation. At the end of the day, Becker is the superior option between these two courses. They’ve got an unparalleled dedication to teaching you everything you need to know about the CPA exam.

How much is Ninja CPA Review?

Well, NINJA CPA Review is a pay-as-you-go subscription CPA review course. So, you simply pay $67 each month for as long as you want access to the NINJA materials.

How is BEC written communication graded?

BEC also includes 1 pretest written communication task. Section scores are reported on a scale that ranges from 0 to 99. For the BEC section, the total score is a weighted combination of the scaled scores from the MCQs, TBSs, and written communication tasks.

Can you pass BEC in two weeks?

Theoretically, it’s possible for you to prepare for the BEC in a 2 week period— after all, it’s one of the easiest sections to pass and can be prepared for in less than 100 hours. However, you’re going to want to devote as much time as possible toward your study efforts during those two weeks: no distractions!

How many hours should I study for BEC?

75 hours

Is Ninja CPA Review good?

It does a really good job of emulating the real AICPA interface on the CPA exam. If you get used to the way this one looks, you’ll feel at home on exam day. The Ninja test bank includes over 6,500 past exam questions with full explanations of answers. It also includes over 250 practice exam task-based simulations.

Is BEC difficult?

BEC has the highest passing rate. A lot of candidates consider it the least difficult of the 4 sections. It’s one of the shorter exams: 3 hours long, with 3 MCQ testlets (24 questions each), and 3 written communication questions. BEC is the only exam that has the written communication questions.

How much does Ninja CPA cost?

Ninja CPA Review was created by Jeff Elliott, who first started a CPA Exam blog in 2008 called Another 71, and then launched his CPA exam prep review program in 2012. He added a library of multiple-choice questions in 2014. The program is a $67 per month subscription with no time commitment or upfront costs.

Is Ninja CPA enough?

For FAR, yes. I used just the MCQ and notes for REG and passed the first time. FAR and AUD I used Cpaexcel along with the ninja notes and MCQ. It’s definitely doable.

How long should BEC essays be?

The BEC section is 4 hours long. However, the Written Communications portion is only 75 minutes. So, you will have 75 minutes to answer all 3 communications, or about 25 minutes each. Therefore, be sure to budget your time accordingly.

Is BEC exam easy?

BEC was harder than REG. This is from someone in tax who was an economics major. It is not an easy exam by any means but the volume is very manageable compared to FAR and even REG. There is a ridiculous amount of formulas, ratios, and terms (especially IT) which can be overwhelming.

Is cost accounting on the CPA exam?

The final portion of the CPA Exam is the three hour BEC exam. Chances are you took a Cost Accounting course in college, and guess what? Its back! Financial & Operations Management (Cost Accounting) makes up 35% of your score on BEC.

What is tested on BEC?

The Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) CPA Exam section tests your knowledge of the business environment and related concepts. BEC is unique for including written communications (WCs) in addition to the multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and task-based simulations (TBSs) that make up the other CPA Exam sections.

How long do you have to pass all 4 parts of CPA exam?

18 months

How do you answer BEC written communication?

In order to do well on the BEC Written Communications questions, its important to know what the graders are looking for in a well written response:

  1. Clear.
  2. Concise.
  3. On topic.
  4. Proper grammar.
  5. Complete sentences.
  6. Organization.
  7. Supporting details.
  8. Proper formatting.

Can you pass BEC without writing?

Based on your harder and harder testlets and 2 well written memos You will pass for sure. You could write 2 memos good and third at least you wrote some intro and closing. That’s good enough to pass BEC.

How many questions are on the BEC exam?

62 MCQs

What should I focus on for BEC exam?

BEC CPA Exam Tips

  • Corporate Governance. Corporate governance is an important topic with connections to other CPA Exam sections such as AUD.
  • Economics.
  • Financial Management.
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Strategic Planning and Operational Management (Cost Accounting)

Should I take BEC first?

If you want to take BEC take that first. But if you take FAR then BEC will be a refresher. I would only recommend taking BEC first if you have been out of school a long time. That way you can review the basics.

Which part of CPA exam is easiest?


Is the CPA exam changing in 2020?

In 2020, the CPA Exam had few changes; the most prominent change was the introduction of the CARES Act to the REG section effective in Q4 2020. In 2021, the CPA Exam will undergo additional changes, mainly to the AUD & BEC sections, with minor revisions to the remaining two sections – FAR & REG.

Which CPA Review course has the best pass rate?

Roger CPA

Is Cost Accounting hard?

Cost accounting can be pretty basic/easy or the teacher can go into more complex problems and make the class harder. Tough it out, go to class, study, and you’ll do fine. At my school it is pretty dang easy. Its a repeat of freshman accounting II or managerial accounting.

Which CPA exam should I take first?

Logical Order Then I would suggest taking FAR first, then AUD, REG, and finally BEC. FAR is the most comprehensive of the tests and will allow you to build a strong foundation of accounting principles and financial statement knowledge.

What is the use of BEC certificate?

As the name implies, the BEC exam is designed to demonstrate applicants’ ability to use English in the workplace and, like many other Cambridge ESOL exams, it is used by employers, universities and governmental organizations around the world.

Is getting a CPA worth it?

The CPA designation is 100% worth the investment for those who plan to have long-term careers in accounting. Although the CFA designation is more distinguished in the finance and investment community, the CPA credential can still be valuable for those who have aspirations in finance.

How do I pass BEC?

BEC CPA Exam Tips

  1. One Topic at a Time. The best way to prepare for the BEC exam is to study consistently rather than lumping the required study material together during the last few days before the exam, concentrate on tackling each topic one at a time.
  2. Brush Up On Your Writing Skills.

Which part of the CPA exam is the hardest?

Financial Accounting and Reporting

Do you need to memorize formulas for BEC?

It’s not necessary for you to memorize all of the details and understand them, however, you should know how the effects of the most popular ones (the questions will likely be either calculations or if XX ratio had increase and XX ratio decrease, what will happened).

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