Is August a good time to visit Gangtok?

Is August a good time to visit Gangtok?

The city of Gangtok receives heavy rainfall during the month of August making it difficult for visitors to travel the length and breadth of the city. But for those that enjoy rain and a peaceful vacation, this is the perfect season.

Can we visit Lachung in August?

For those of you who love nature and the rain, Lachung is a great place to be in August. Pack your bags with sweaters and rain coats and head to Lachung for the monsoon. Visiting Lachung in August has its benefits but it is advised to take good care of kids.

What is the best month to visit Sikkim?

As suggested by Sikkim Tourism, the best time to visit Sikkim is either between March and May or October and mid-December….Best Season to Visit Sikkim.

Travel Months Min/Max Temperature Season
July to Sep 21°c to 35°c Monsoon
Oct to March 10°c to 27°c Winter

What is the best time to visit Zero Point Sikkim?

However, the weather at Zero Point is unpredictable and during extreme winters, Zero Point gets closed due to heavy snowfall. The best time to visit Zero Point is between March and April. The arrival of Spring heralds the beautiful flowering season in Sikkim.

Is Sikkim safe in August?

The Harsh Monsoon of North Sikkim However, owing to their altitude at almost 9000 feet and above, it is best to avoid these places during August, when the monsoon is at its peak. Continuous rain makes travelling to these areas unsafe due to sudden landslides and roadblocks.

Is Nathula Pass open in August?

Nathula pass cannot be visited every day of the week. Pass remians closed for tourists on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

Is August a good time to visit Sikkim?

Sikkim’s weather in August is ideal for sightseeing of waterfalls and enjoy its dramatic and fierce flows. Also, one gets to enjoy great discounts and offers during this time as this is not the peak tourist season in Sikkim. During the monsoon season temperature ranges between 4°C to 15°C.

Is Sikkim good to visit in August?

How is Sikkim in July?

How is the weather for Sikkim during July? From July to September, Sikkim experiences the monsoons. Due to the rain, the temperature of the places comes down. The temperature during July keeps juggling between 4 to 15-degree celsius.

Is Zero Point worth visiting?

Visit this place if you have never set your foot on ice/snow and you want to visit it just for the sake of it. It is long journey from Lachung and infact the journey to the zero point offered more scenic views than the point itself. It is over-crowded with tourists.

In which month there is snowfall in Sikkim?

Ans: Sikkim receives snowfall in winters (October to March), while some places are snow-covered throughout the year.

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