Is Arcoroc made in France?

Is Arcoroc made in France?

Most Arcoroc glassware sold within the United States is actually manufactured at their North American glassware-producing facility (Durand Glass Manufacturing Company) which is located in Millville, New Jersey. The Durand operation started glass production at Millville in 1982.

Who makes Arcoroc glassware?

Arc Cardinal
Arcoroc is a well-known manufacturer of dinnerware, glasses, and flatware for the commercial foodservice industry. As one of the Arc Cardinal brands, they design innovative products that meet the needs and expectations of restaurant professionals.

Does Arcoroc glass contain lead?

When tested with an XRF instrument this small vintage clear glass Arcoroc juice tumbler (Made in France) tested positive for Lead with the following reading: 223 ppm.

Are luminarc and Arcoroc the same?

Arc Holdings is the holding company of the Arc Group, specializing in the design and manufacturing of glass tableware. The Arc Group markets its collections in France and exports them abroad under the registered trademarks Luminarc, Arcopal, Cristal d’Arques Paris, Arcoroc and Chef&Sommelier.

Is Arcoroc good quality?

Manufactured to the highest standards, Arcoroc® uses only the finest grade stainless steel for durability and to maintain the shimmering finish use after use. Arcoroc patterns are also designed to be perfectly balanced in the hand so food is the focus.

Is Arcoroc the same as Pyrex?

What Is Arcoroc? Many of these have become household names including Luminarc everyday tableware, Cristal d’Arques formal crystalware, Pyrex cookware, the Chef & Sommelier line of professional glassware and Arcoroc glassware for the commercial food service market.

What kind of glass is Arcoroc?

Arcoroc products which are manufactured from Opal Glass are among the least porous of all commercial dishware, providing a surface that offers no place for bacteria to hide making it particularly attractive to health care food service enterprises.

Is vintage Arcoroc safe?

For context: 90 ppm is unsafe in items intended for use by children. Vintage Arcoroc Clear Glass Plate (year unknown), Made in France. When tested with an XRF instrument the dish pictured here was positive at the following level: 256 ppm Lead.

What is Arcoroc made of?

Is Arcoroc glass tempered?

This item is made of fully tempered glass for added strength and durability.

Is arcoroc heat resistant?

From hot to cold with no risk of breakage Tempered and opal items are treated to withstand temperature variations of 135°C. Other products can only withstand a temperature variation of 80°C.

Is arcoroc glass heat resistant?

Bowl – 24 / CS. This Arcade 38 ounce bowl is made using fully tempered glass that is shock and heat resistant and perfect for serving salad, dessert, or appetizers.

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