Is Apollo Justice a sequel?

Is Apollo Justice a sequel?

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is the sequel to Apollo Justice, announced for Android. CAPCOM brought you the popular Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney courtroom game last year, to the enjoyment of lots of Apollo Justice game fans out there who are not living in Japan.

Is Machi Tobaye blind?

Machi was the pianist for Lamiroir during her performances. He also secretly guided her around, as she was blind and unfamiliar with her surroundings.

Is Edgeworth in Apollo Justice?

While Edgeworth does not appear in person in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, in later games he is mentioned as still being in contact with Wright after he lost his attorney’s badge, as well as seeing his daughter Trucy’s magic shows from time to time.

What happened to Phoenix Wright after Apollo Justice?

After passing the bar exam, Phoenix becomes a defense attorney himself under Mia’s law firm, Fey & Co. Following Mia’s murder, Phoenix takes over the law firm, naming it Wright and Co., and also takes Mia’s sister, a spirit medium named Maya, under his wing.

Is Maya Fey dead?

The death of Mia Fey. One month after Wright’s first trial, Redd White learned about Mia’s investigation of him. He visited the Fey & Co. Law Offices and killed her with a clock shaped like “The Thinker”, in which Mia had been hiding legal documentation against White.

Do Apollo and Trucy know they are siblings?

It is also revealed in the final episode that Trucy is Apollo’s half sister, a fact that both are currently unaware of. Trucy returns in the fifth game, Dual Destinies and the sixth game, Spirit of Justice. She is still working at the Wright Anything Agency and continues to aid the lawyers in their investigations.

How old is wocky Kitaki?

One day while strifing with a rival gang, Wocky was shot….About.

Name Wocky Kitaki
Age 19
Relations Winfred Kitaki: Father, Plum Kitaki: Mother, Alita Tiala: ex fiancé, Apollo Justice: defense attorney, Pal Meraktis: doctor
Game/Case Name Apollo Justice, Turnabout Corner

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