Is a Cutlass Brougham and supreme the same?

Is a Cutlass Brougham and supreme the same?

Brougham Coupe and Sedan – Although very similar to the original Cutlass Supreme, the Brougham is slightly better equipped. It has the same exact 3.8-liter stock engine and 3-speed transmission, but has a divided front bench seat with individual controls and the choice of velour trim in five colors.

What engine came in the 1985 Cutlass Supreme?

The Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme coupe and sedan were stock with a 3.8-liter V6, 2 barrel engine, while a 5-liter (305 CID) V8 engine was available at extra cost. The transmission is a 3-speed automatic with torque converter clutch. Where the rear is a multi link. Both front and rear suspension include anti-roll bars.

What does w30 mean on a Oldsmobile Cutlass?

Meet The W-30 The W-30 induction system was an upgrade in efficiency over the popular scoops that captured air running over the hood. It drew cold air from inlets below and above the parking lights, and funneled it through two five-inch flexible tubes to a stamped air cleaner.

What engine is in a 1978 Cutlass Supreme?

LV8 260-cubic inch V-8
POWERTRAIN. For 1978, the Cutlass was available with the smallest of small-blocks, the LV8 260-cubic inch V-8. These engines had a reduced bore size of 3.5 inches, and produced 105 horsepower and 205 pound-feet of torque.

When did the Cutlass Supreme come out?

Introduced as the top trim level in Oldsmobile’s compact F-85 line, the Cutlass evolved into a distinct series of its own, spawning numerous variants, including the formidable 4-4-2 muscle car in 1964, premium Cutlass Supreme in 1966, and outright performance Hurst/Olds in 1968, as well as the Vista Cruiser station …

What does 442 stand for in an Oldsmobile?

Confusingly, the 442 (pronounced “four four two”) did not have a 442-cubic-inch engine. Instead, the numerals indicated that the car had a four-barrel carburetor (atop a 330-cubic-inch V-8), a four-speed manual, and dual exhausts.

What is the rarest Oldsmobile Cutlass?

Legendary Oldsmobile 442 In Rare Condition

  • Though originally intended to be an optional package for the Cutlass, the 442 became a separate model in 1968.
  • Oldsmobile jumped on the opportunity to drop a super large displacement engine in the 442 and thus the Oldsmobile 455-cid became standard equipment for the 442.

How much does a 78 Cutlass weigh?


Engine Location : Front
Body / Chassis : Separate body on perimeter box
Production Years for Series : 1978 – 1988
Price : $4,500-$5,245
Weight : 3015 lbs | 1367.581 kg

How much is a Cutlass Supreme?

A: The average price of a Cutlass Supreme is $22,278.

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