Is a 2006 BMW 325i fast?

Is a 2006 BMW 325i fast?

The added power and more aggressive gearing give straight-line performance a swift kick to 6.1 seconds from 0 to 60 mph and 14.7 seconds at 94 mph through the quarter-mile. This 325i blows away the last-generation car and is also quicker than the previous 330i model.

How fast is a BMW 3 Series?

What is the Top Speed of the 3 Series? Boasting its performance potential, the 2021 3 Series has a maximum speed of 155 miles per hour.

How fast can a 2006 BMW go?

Top speed: 242 km/h / 150 mph
0-60 mph (s): 7.3
0-100 km/h (s): 7.7
0-1/4 mile (s):
0-1 km (s):

How much horsepower does a 2006 BMW 328i have?

184 to 255 hp2006 BMW 3 Series / Horsepower

Does BMW 325i have turbo?

If You are in the market for a BMW 325i, You may be wondering if it has a turbo engine. The answer is yes. The 325i, and the entire 3 series, offers two versions of a turbo engine. The 2.0 liter, four cylinder engine witH255 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque is available from the 330i.

Is 330i E90 reliable?

But as far as the E90 330i goes it’s way above the reliability of many other BMW models. The E30 is known as one of the most reliable BMWs ever (I owned one for 18 years and 256K) and my E90 I think is even more reliable and less maintenance intensive FWIW.

Does 2006 BMW 330i have turbo?

There is no Turbo mode on the 330i. As for the three-stage intake, it’s very light and the engine works smoother. There are twin-turbo models of the 335i since 2010, with a 3.0-liter N54 engine.

How fast does a BMW 330i go from 0 to 60?

2022 BMW 330i 0-60 Time & Performance Specs: 2.0-liter BMW TwinPower Turbo inline 4-cylinder engine. 255 horsepower. 294 horsepower. 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds.

Is a E90 the same as a 328i?

Introduced for the 2007 model year, the 328i was a variant of the E90 BMW 3 Series. The 328i was offered in sedan (E90), station wagon (E91), coupe (E92), and convertible (E93) body styles. These cars were powered by BMW’s N52B30 engine, which was a 3.0L inline six engine that generated 228hp.

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