How to use BonusLink Shell voucher?

How to use BonusLink Shell voucher?

You can also redeem Shell fuel vouchers with your points! All you need to do is present your BonusLink card or BLINK App to our cashier, or use the card at our fuel pumps. To find out about our latest promos, visit your nearest Shell station today.

How do you get BonusLink points on Shell?

Yes. You can now collect BonusLink Points for any purchase at Shell Select….1L Shell fuels = 1 Point.

Bonus Points Chart
Monthly Purchase (litre) Bonus Points
>500 150
251 – 500 75
125 – 250 25

What is the benefit of bonus link?

Under the Programme, Members can collect BonusLink Points for purchases made from over top 20 brands in 3,000 outlets nationwide. An extensive range of branded quality Gifts can be redeemed with these Points totally free of charge!

How do bonus links work?

“It Is So Easy to Collect BonusLink Points!” 1 Present your BonusLink Card or Virtual Card to the cashier upon your purchase. 2 Pay for your purchases. 3 Let the cashier swipe or scan your BonusLink Card and your BonusLink Points will be recorded automatically.

How much is 1000 Shell points worth?

Redeem points at Shell Autoserv: 1,000 points for a free engine flush (worth $60)

How do I use Shell Fuel points?

Fuel Rewards® members may redeem their rewards at a participating Shell station by using a Fuel Rewards® card, Alt ID, or a debit/credit card linked to Link & Save™. At the pump, press “rewards” then swipe your Fuel Rewards® card or enter your Alt ID.

Will BonusLink point expire?

BonusLink Points are valid for 3 years. You will need to make redemptions within 3 years, otherwise the Points will expire on a monthly, ‘first in-first out’ basis.

What can I do with BonusLink point?

You may redeem cash vouchers from selected On-The-Spot Redemption Partners such as Shell and Parkson. You may also use your BonusLink Points to pay your bills at participating AmBank Merchants (F&B only).

Will Shell points expire?

Yes, Shell Go+ points expire after 3 years from the day the points were earned.

How do I claim Shell?

How can I claim my Shell Go+ Member Benefits? You may avail by simply presenting your Shell Go+ Physical or Digital card as proof of membership. Some benefits would need additional validation like ID, or other requirements following certain mechanics (ex: meet min number of Liters for Roadside assistance).

How do I redeem my pick and save fuel points?

Redeeming is easy! Enter your alt-id and follow the pump prompt instruction to redeem your Fuel Points.

What is BonusLink referral code?

Customers can sign-up for BonusLink at all Shell stations nationwide, while the BLINK app is available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. First-time users will also receive a RM4 Shell voucher and 100 BonusLink Points as a welcome offer, using the referral code B214419233.

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