How to make jaggery kaju sweet?

How to make jaggery kaju sweet?


  1. Lightly Toast The Cashew Nuts On A Low Flame For 4-5 Min And Let It Cool Down.
  2. As The Cashew Nuts Are Cooled Down, Pulse Grind The Cashew Nuts In A Blender.
  3. Lightly Grease Plate With Oil And Set Aside.
  4. As The Jaggery Syrup thickens, Add The Powdered Cashew Nuts And Mix Well To Avoid Any Lumps.

What is the difference between Kaju Barfi and kaju katli?

Kaju katli (literally “cashew slice”), also known as kaju barfi, is an Indian dessert similar to a barfi. Kaju means cashew; barfi is often made by thickening milk with sugar and other ingredients (such as dry fruits and mild spices). Kesar kaju katli includes saffron.

Is kaju katli good for weight loss?

Can diabetics, heart patients and overweight individuals have Kaju Katli? No, this recipe is not good for diabetics, heart and weight loss. Sugar used in the recipe is also called white poison. It is a simple carbohydrate with zero nutritional value.

Is cashew Burfi healthy?

Is Kaju-Barfi healthy? No, this is not healthy.

What is the silver coating on kaju katli?

Vark (also varak or warq) is a fine filigree foil sheet of pure metal, typically silver but sometimes gold, used to decorate South Asian sweets and food. The silver and gold are edible, though flavorless.

Which state is famous for cashew in India?

It may be observed that Maharashtra (1.86 lakh ha) was the leading producer of cashew nut followed by Andhra Pradesh (1.85 lakh ha), Odissa (1.82 lakh ha), Karnataka (1.26 lakh ha) and Kerala (0.87 lakh ha). India produces 7.79 lakh MT of cashew nut spread across more than 6 states.

Why do people love kaju katli?

Variety is the spice (sweet) of life This is one item that tastes delicious in every single variant it comes in. People add chocolate, saffron, rose, pistachios and various ingredients, which only enhance the sweet when mixed with the creaminess of Kaju.

Can a diabetic eat Kaju Barfi?

People with diabetes can have kaju katli Yes, because nuts have a low glycemic index. Magnesium-rich calcium can help in lowering risk of diabetes.

Why do Indians have silver sweets?

The reason why silver leaf is used extensively is not just because it looks grand and opulent, but also because silver has anti-microbial properties and can increase the shelf life of food products.

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