How to earn money from the throne of Miscellania?

How to earn money from the throne of Miscellania?

After completing the quest Throne of Miscellania, it becomes possible to put citizens of Miscellania to collect various resources, costing 75,000 a day if done with maximum efficiency. The gold is given to Advisor Ghrim, with whom it is also possible to decide, which resources are collected. Usually mahogany logs and coal yield highest profits.

What happens at the end of the throne of Miscellania quest?

Note: The end time of the Throne of Miscellania quest determines the time at which your Kingdom will lose favour, take money from the coffer and produce resources. Consider finishing the quest at a time which is convenient for this.

Is the king of Miscellania turned into a monster?

Rumours have been coming back from Miscellania that all is not well, it is said that the king has been turned into a monster! An exceptional hero is required to investigate. Experience in ruling kingdoms, wooing royalty and negotiating peace would be an advantage.

How much Miscellania do I need to complete the quest?

You will need the support of 75% of Miscellania to finish the quest. You will start off with 25% (you will start with less if you killed any of the villagers or stole from the stalls) and you gain 0.33% with each action you do.

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