How old is my Kenmore washer by serial number?

How old is my Kenmore washer by serial number?

Locate the serial number on a Kenmore washer made by Whirlpool. The second letter of the serial number identifies the year the machine was manufactured. For instance, “L” represents 2001, “M” means 2002 and, continuing through the alphabet, “Y” means 2009.

How do I know what model Kenmore I have?

Check the back of the washer’s control panel, the upper left-hand corner of the back of the washer or the lower left-hand corner on the front of the washer. The model number might also be on a sticker under the lid or on the inside right back corner — open the lid to check this location.

How do I tell what size my Kenmore washer is?

To calculate the capacity (volume) of the tub, you multiply the area by the height. For example if your washer has a tub radius of 10 inches and the height is 14 inches, you would use the mathematical equation below. Area is pi x r-squared = 3.1416 x 10-squared = 3.1416 x 100 = 314.16.

What Kenmore range do I have?

The model number on many ranges is located on a plate that is on the frame in front of the right or left front leveling leg of the range. To view this plate, pull the bottom drawer out. On some ranges, the model number plate is located on one side of the oven door opening.

How do I find cubic feet of my Kenmore washer?

What size is Kenmore washer model 110?

3.2 cu. ft.
2 Answers. carolraden, most standard for the 110 series washer is 3.2 cu. ft. of capacity.

Is there a reset button on my Kenmore washing machine?

To reset your Kenmore washer and, since Kenmore washers do not have a reset button, go ahead and turn the washer off. Disconnect the washer from its power source. Then, wait for about three to five minutes.

Why won’t my Kenmore washer go past sensing?

Why Kenmore HE Washer Stuck On Sensing – Troubleshoot and Diagnosis. When a Kenmore HE washer malfunctions, the load sensing feature may become stuck on. This is usually caused by a defective load sensor that misreads its surroundings or a broken power cord that prevents it from measuring the load within the machine.

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