How old is Fandi Ahmad?

How old is Fandi Ahmad?

59 years (May 29, 1962)Fandi Ahmad / Age

How Fandi Ahmad met his wife?

Marriage to Fandi Ahmad (1996) Wendy Jacobs and Fandi Ahmad first met at the wedding reception of their mutual friend, Wee Khim. Although Wee Khim told Fandi to “forget it”, Fandi asked to be introduced and “pursued her doggedly”.

Who is Fandi Ahmad’s wife?

Wendy JacobsFandi Ahmad / Wife (m. 1996)

How old is Ilhan Fandi?

19 years (November 8, 2002)Ilhan Fandi / Age

How old is Ikhsan Fandi?

23 years (April 9, 1999)Ikhsan Fandi / Age

Did Fandi Ahmad serve NS?

In 1997, Fandi joined Singapore Armed Forces Football Club (SAFFC), winning the S. League and Singapore Cup that year and the league title in 1998. He retired from the Singapore national team at the end of 1997. In December 1999, he became coach of SAFFC.

How old is Fandi Ahmad youngest son?

All three also play for the Singapore national team. Youngest son Iryan, 15, is still schooling. Meanwhile, the couple’s only daughter, Iman, 21, has grown up to be a stunner just like her mum. After making her modelling debut at 14, she recently made her debut as a singer.

How tall is Fandi Ahmad?

5′ 9″Fandi Ahmad / Height

How tall is Ilhan Fandi?

6′ 0″Ilhan Fandi / Height

How tall is Irfan Fandi?

6′ 1″Irfan Fandi / Height

How many children does Fandi Ahmad have?

He has five children with his wife, South African model Wendy Jacobs, and his father is Ahmad Wartam, a former national goalkeeper. Fandi was ranked sixth in a list of Singapore’s 50 Greatest Athletes of the Century by The Straits Times in 1999.

Is it Fandi or Fandi Ahmad?

He is not to be confused with Fandi Achmad. In this Malay name, there is no family name. The name Ahmad is a patronymic, and the person should be referred to by the given name, Fandi. Fandi bin Ahmad PBM (born 29 May 1962) is a Singaporean former footballer. He mainly played as a striker, but also played as a midfielder.

How many kids does Fandi of Singapore have?

The 59-year-old national football hero and his 47-year-old model wife Wendy Jacobs, 47, have five kids, who have followed in their footsteps. Just like their dad, Fandi’s three older sons, Irfan, 24, Ikhsan, 22, and Ilhan, 18 are all professional footballers. All three also play for the Singapore national team.

Where did Fandi Ahmad go to school?

At Serangoon Gardens Secondary School, Fandi played for the school football team, but neglected his studies and was held back a year. He then transferred to the Singapore Vocational Institute and obtained a National Trade Certificate 3.

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