How often should you vaccinate your horse for Hendra?

How often should you vaccinate your horse for Hendra?

The Hendra vaccine can be given to horses as young as 4 months of age and requires two doses, three to six weeks apart, followed by a booster every six months.

Do racehorses have to be Hendra vaccinated?

While there is no current policy in NSW requiring the compulsory vaccination of thoroughbred racehorses against Hendra virus, it is acknowledged that thoroughbreds are vaccinated, particularly in susceptible areas of the state such as the north and mid-north coast.

How much does Hendra vaccine cost?

The cost of the Hendra vaccine ranges between $100 and $200 per injection, which has been a deterrent factor for many horse owners.

How long does the Hendra vaccine last?

On 10 August 2012, the APVMA issued a Minor Use Permit for the Hendra vaccine, effective for two years. The approved effective period for the vaccine is six months.

Who owns the Hendra vaccine?

The owners, from New South Wales and Queensland, are claiming that Zoetis Australia PTY LTD did not provide adequate warnings about the potential side effects of the vaccine on their horses. Half a million doses have been administered to horses across Australia since 2012.

What killed Vic Rail?

heart attack
In 1994, Vic Rail, the larrikin trainer of former champion galloper Vo Rogue, died of a heart attack a week after being admitted to hospital with symptoms of morbillivirus (Hendra virus).

What vaccinations do horses need in Australia?

VACCINATION MAINTENANCE. Regimen required for the following.

  • TETANUS. One dose annually.
  • TETANUS. From three months of age.
  • STRANGLES. From three months of age.
  • EQUINE HERPES VIRUS. From three months of age.
  • VACCINATION MAINTENANCE. Regimen required for the following.
  • STRANGLES. One dose every six months.
  • Who makes Hendra vaccine?

    The vaccine sold as Equivac HeV was developed by the CSIRO and has full approval from the APVMA. The vaccine must be administered by a veterinarian. It follows a pattern of an initial vaccination, followed a few weeks later by a second vaccination, another one six months later and then a booster every year.

    What are the 5 core vaccines for horses?

    A number of dreadful diseases are now very rare among horses— thanks to some of the simplest and cheapest preventive measures we have. Vaccination easily ranks as one one of the single most important things you do to protect your horse’s health.

    What do you vaccinate horses against?

    All horses and donkeys should be vaccinated against tetanus, which is usually a fatal condition in the horse. Tetanus is caused by production of endotoxins by the bacteria, Clostridium tetani. Vaccination is often given as a combination vaccine with equine influenza.

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