How Much Is SMART LTE Pocket WiFi?

How Much Is SMART LTE Pocket WiFi?

Smart makes LTE-Advanced Pocket WiFi available to prepaid subscribers. Get the powerful Smart Bro LTE-A Pocket WiFi Prepaid Kit for only P1,995.

Is there unlimited data in SMART Pocket WiFi?

Available to all users of Smart Bro Home WiFi and PLDT Home WiFi-branded devices, as well as those with the Smart Bro Prepaid SIM and Smart Bro Rocket SIM, the new UNLIFAM 999 offers true unlimited experience with no restrictions, data-capping, or speed-throttling.

Is SMART Pocket WiFi fast?

The new LTE-Advanced Pocket WiFi allows you to experience 2 to 3 times faster speeds than your regular LTE network made possible by Carrier Aggregation.

What is the best Pocket WiFi in SMART?

  1. Netgear Nighthawk M5 5G Wifi Mobile Router.
  2. Huawei 5G Mobile Wifi Pro.
  3. Smart 5G Rocket Wifi.
  4. TP-Link LTE-Advanced Mobile Wifi (M7650)
  5. Alcatel Linkzone 4G LTE Cat4 Mobile Wifi.
  6. ZTE LTE Wireless Pocket Wifi (MF920T)
  7. Globe MyFi LTE-Advanced Pocket Wifi.
  8. Smart Bro LTE-Advanced Pocket Wifi.

Is pocket WiFi better than mobile data?

Overall, if it’s for personal use and you don’t mind how it can impact your smartphone’s battery and data, use a mobile hotspot. Otherwise, if you need a dedicated connection and will be using it with more than 5 devices or using the connection as a group, get a portable hotspot.

How long does smart Pocket WiFi last?

The battery life of the Pocket WiFi depends highly on the type of connection. When connected to a 4G network the device’s battery life can last up to 9 hours. Should the Pocket WiFi be connected to a 3G network, the battery life can last up to 10 hours.

What is the benefit of pocket WiFi?

There are many clear advantages to carrying pocket WiFi, including: Access to high-speed WiFi wherever you travel. Reliable, fast connection. No need to waste time hunting for insecure public WiFi.

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