How much is a LiftMaster garage door opener installed?

How much is a LiftMaster garage door opener installed?

LiftMaster garage door opener prices range from about $200 – $600, with an average price at $375 for the most popular chain drive and belt drive models. Installation is extra – an average of about $280.

How much is a LiftMaster keypad?

Compare with similar items

This item Liftmaster 376LM Garage Door Opener Keypad – Replaced with the 877MAX LiftMaster 877LM Wireless Keyless Entry 877LM-Works with 2015 to Present-Yellow Learn Button Only, Grey
Price $4650 $40.95$40.95
Sold By Open Door Discount Remotes Gate Openers Unlimited

Is LiftMaster 8550W discontinued?

This model number is discontinued. Available replacement parts are listed below.

How much is a LiftMaster Wled?

The list price for the WLED itself is $448.99, and the installation price varies by dealer; you should expect to pay an additional $100 to $150.

How much should a garage door opener cost?

$247 – $487. The average cost to install a garage door opener ranges from $127 to $199, while the garage door opener itself costs around $120 to $288. This brings us to a total cost of between $247 and $487 to install your garage door opener. Get free estimates from garage door opener installers near you.

What is the labor cost to install a garage door opener?

Garage Door Opener Costs If you have a pro install a garage door opener, expect to pay between $220 and $550. The opener itself will typically run between $150 and $500 with another $65 to $85 an hour for labor, which can run between two to six hours.

How much does it cost to replace garage keypad?

between $30 and $60
Remotes and Keypads It costs between $30 and $60 to replace a garage door keypad, and new remotes can run between $30 and $40 each.

How much does it cost to reprogram a garage door opener?

An appointment with your Puls technician to program, fix, or replace your garage door remote starts at just $45 and can go up to $200 including all the necessary parts and labor.

How much is a LiftMaster 8550?

LiftMaster 8550 Heavy-Duty Belt Drive Garage Door Opener (3/4HP)

Garage Door Height Dimensions 7′ (84″) More then 8′
Price $349 $399

Is LiftMaster a good garage door opener?

This LiftMaster model is our top choice for the best overall garage door opener in this review. You get a chain-drive system for affordability and reliability, with a 0.5-HP motor for fast opening and closing the garage door.

Is LiftMaster a good brand?

Reliability: Both Genie and LiftMaster are known for their high quality and reliability. However, LiftMaster models are more commonly used, recommended and regarded as the better choice for reliability.

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