How much HP does 2007 zx6r have?

How much HP does 2007 zx6r have?

Water cooled, 636cc, Inline-4, DOHC

Power: 130.52 HP (96 kW) @ 14000 rpm
Torque: 68.88 Nm (50.8 lb-ft) @ 12000 rpm
Final drive: Chain
Top speed: 161.56 mph
Curb weight: 405.7 lbs

Is the 07 zx6r a good bike?

Kawasaki has never had a problem with engine reliability or build quality and the Kawasaki ZX-6R is no exception. An MCN staffer who owned one of the original high revving ZX6-RRs says it never missed a beat despite its hard life. The Kawasaki ZX-6R feels well built and solid with attention to detail in the finish.

How much does a 2007 zx6r cost?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $8,999 $5,180
Options (Add)
Total Price $8,999 $5,180

Which is better R6 or ZX6R?

The ZX-6R engine is so strong that from 70 mph in sixth gear the ZX-6R can out accelerate the R6 even if the R6 was using fifth gear. There is just nowhere the R6 can match the ZX-6R….Aprilia RS 660 Vs Honda CBR650R Top Speed & Acceleration.

Speed at 5000 rpm ZX-6R 636 YZF-R6
Speed 6th Gear 55.6 mph 55 mph

Is 2007 zx6r fuel injected?

The engine was fuel injected and engine speed was raised around 500 RPM which resulted in a slight gain in power. Radial-mounted four-piston brakes replaced the previous six-piston brakes and the front forks were now inverted. Chassis improvements resulted in higher rigidity and less weight.

What kind of oil does a zx6r take?

SAE 10W-40
Compare with similar items

This item 1990-2022 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6 ZX-6R ZX-6RR OEM Full Synthetic Oil Change KAW107 Pack of 5 Kawasaki 99969-6296 Genuine OEM K-Tech SAE 10W-40 4-Cycle Engine Oil
Price $7199 $4400
Sold By Powersports Authority Have A Part
Liquid Volume 32.0 fluid_ounces 160.0 fluid_ounces
Viscosity 10w-40 10w-40

Is a ZX6R a 636?

The Ninja® ZX™-6R motorcycle boasts a potent 636cc engine, advanced electronics, and a lightweight chassis. The “636” has been optimized for both street and the track, offering an exhilarating experience in a wide range of riding situations.

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