How much does a new WACO biplane cost?

How much does a new WACO biplane cost?

Pricing starts at $268,000 for the Great Lakes, $489,000 for the YMF-5 and $648,000 for the amphib. Lepschy also announced that the company will launch three new models next year.

Does anyone still make biplanes?

Biplanes are not only still being restored, they’re also still being manufactured. Since 1991, WACO Classic Aircraft Corporation of Battle Creek, Michigan, has been producing Waco YMF models under the original type certificate and has sold more than 125.

Where are WACO planes made?

Battle Creek, Michigan
It takes a large, dedicated team of experienced craftsmen at the WACO factory in Battle Creek, Michigan, to expertly employ our handcrafted techniques, and we’ve been doing it since 1983. WACO Aircraft Corporation currently produces two biplanes; the WACO YMF-5 and the Great Lakes 2T-1A-2.

Why did we stop using biplanes?

While a biplane wing structure has a structural advantage over a monoplane, it produces more drag than a monoplane wing. Improved structural techniques, better materials and higher speeds made the biplane configuration obsolete for most purposes by the late 1930s.

Did they use biplanes in ww2?

In addition, a whole range of smaller nations utilized biplanes built for larger combatants in their own air forces. By the time Japan and the United States entered the war two years later, they had mainly rid themselves of biplanes but, even here, a few specialized types lingered on.

Where can I buy a Waco Aircraft?

Founded in 1919 and located in Troy, Ohio, Weaver Aircraft eventually changed its name to the Advance Aircraft Company and then to WACO Aircraft Corp. Common WACO models include the UBF, AGC-8, INF, UKC, UPF-7, QCF-2, CUC-1, CTO, YMF-C, and YMF Super; you’ll find a variety of new and used WACO aircraft for sale on

What is a Waco biplane?

WACO Aircraft Corporation currently produces two biplanes; the WACO YMF-5 and the Great Lakes 2T-1A-2. These biplanes are produced by hand – based on original techniques from the 1920’s and 1930’s.

When did the first Waco plane come out?

The company specialized in open-air biplanes, such as its top-selling WACO Model 10 that went into production in 1927.

What makes a Great Lakes by Waco Aircraft unique?

Yet It’s contemporary by with its all-weather fabric skins and rain covers for cockpits, cabin heater, disc wheels and brakes, and toe brakes. Each Great Lakes by WACO is built by hand by experienced craftsmen to achieve the highest quality and longest life. What distinguishes the pilot from the traveler is the passion for flight?

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