How much does a boom truck weigh?

How much does a boom truck weigh?

Most 60 feet boom lifts weigh at least 15,000 pounds. For example, the Genie S-60 J weighs 16,650 pounds.

How much does a 30 ton boom truck weigh?

This equipment has SOLD

Status For Sale
Ton (USt) 30.00
Main Boom Length 29′ – 100′
Jib Extension Length 25′ – 44′
Base Weight (GVW) 66,000 lbs.

How many tons is a boom truck?

10-18 Tons | Elliott Equipment Company.

How much can a boom truck lift?

Elliott boom trucks feature a range of rated capacities from 10 to 50 tons, with a wide range of boom lengths and tip heights up to 207 feet.

How much does a forestry bucket truck weigh?

Truck Mounted Spray Equipment

Chassis Information:
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 25,900 lb
Front Axle Weight Rating: 8,000 lb
Rear Axle Weight Rating: 17,500 lb
Cab-To-Axle: 108 in

How much does an Altec bucket truck weigh?

Detailed Specs

Location: RONKONKOMA x60108
Manufacturer: ALTEC AM55
Mileage: 129307 2007
Fuel Type: Diesel 11779
GVW: 35000 Automatic

How tall is a 30 ton crane?

30-ton Lifting Capacity Truck Crane – STC300S | SANY

Type Item Parameter
Dimensions Overall length 12850mm
Overall width 2500mm
Overall height 3650mm
Axle distance 4690mm/1350mm

Is a boom truck considered a crane?

For Custom Truck One Source, a boom truck generally refers to a hydraulic crane mounted onto a commercial truck chassis. Most of these boom trucks are straight, telescopic booms, but the company also has articulated cranes that fit in the category of boom trucks.

How much does a boom crane weigh?

A large range of mobile cranes Our smallest crane weighs 10 tons and has a boom length of about 20 meters, while our heaviest crane weighs 300 tons and has a boom length of 60 meters.

Can you use a boom lift as a crane?

OSHA guidelines prohibit the use of a boom lift as a crane. A boom lift and crane are used for different jobs and are designed to handle specific tasks. If you use a boom lift as a crane, you’re putting personal safety at risk – and the safety of your co-workers.

How much does a t40 bucket truck weigh?

Two-Way Voice Communication System. Tool boxes for the Platform. Minimum Chassis Requirements of 26,000 lb (11,793 kg) 84 in CA or a 33,000 lb (14,982 kg) 114 in CA….Telescopic Cable Placer Aerial Device.

General Specifications:
Ground to Bottom of Platform*: 35.7 ft (10.9 m)
Maximum Side Reach: 29.4 ft (9 m)

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