How much does a 1992 Jeep Wrangler cost?

How much does a 1992 Jeep Wrangler cost?

1992 Jeep Wrangler Value – $1,880-$10,895 | Edmunds.

Is the Jeep YJ a good car?

The YJ makes a good choice if you’re looking to spend as little money as possible for a used Wrangler and you’re familiar with how to work on your own vehicle. These were not the most reliable years in the Wrangler series, with early issues around electrical, mechanical and body rust.

What does Jeep YJ stand for?

YJ stands for excellence in design! 1995 Wrangler 2.5L Automatic Trans.

Is a 1992 Jeep a YJ?

The first Wrangler (internally “YJ”) was launched in 1986 and ran through 1995….Jeep Wrangler (YJ)

Jeep Wrangler YJ
Length 1986–89: 152.6 in (3,880 mm) 1989–92: 153 in (3,900 mm) 1992–95: 151.9 in (3,860 mm)
Width 66 in (1,700 mm)

How many miles per gallon does a 1992 Jeep Wrangler get?

Up to 18 city / 20 highway1992 Jeep Wrangler / MPG

What is the difference between Jeep CJ and YJ?

The Jeep Wrangler YJ is a successor to the civilian Jeep (CJ). The only difference between the Jeep CJ and Jeep Wrangler YJ’s suspension, were that the YJ’s leaf springs were much wider. Despite the new front grill, the body is very similar to the CJ7’s.

What is the difference between a TJ and YJ Jeep?

YJ Jeeps were sold from 1986 to 1995. The TJ was the second-ever Wrangler model to be sold. It was produced from 1996 to 2006. Visually, the TJ took a step back, borrowing many of the design cues of the original CJ Jeep, returning to the old circular headlights and traditional windshield wipers.

What year was the YJ Jeep?

Jeep Wrangler (YJ)

Jeep Wrangler YJ
Manufacturer American Motors (1986–1987) Chrysler Corporation (1987-1996)
Also called Jeep YJ (Canada)
Production March 1986 – December 1995 (Canada, U.S.) 1989–2001 (Iran)
Model years 1987–1996

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