How much do contra tubas weigh?

How much do contra tubas weigh?

The contrabass bugle is the marching field equivalent to the orchestra tuba. The name is normally shortened to contra or is labeled as the marching tuba. It has the regular design of a tuba apart from the bell facing forward, towards the way the player is walking. The contra weighs about 25 to 35 pounds.

How much does a Yamaha Contra weigh?


Weight 2.5kg
Mouthpiece BH-48L
Case Included

How heavy is a 4 valve tuba?

Product information

Item Weight 79.4 pounds
Item model number JTU1110
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Date First Available March 9, 2017
Material Type Stainless Steel, Brass

How much does a contra tuba cost?

There is no way to sugarcoat it, and the price range can be from $1000 to $20,000. If you are not sure whether you will want to play it for a long time, you should think twice before swiping that card.

How much do baritones weigh?

An average weight for a baritone is around 6 pounds. An average weight for a euphonium is 7 or 8 pounds. Someone will have to answer the other two. A king mellophone is about 4 pounds, but weight distribution is a big factor as well.

How heavy is a Yamaha marching tuba?

Average Yamaha Tuba Weight The average weight of Yamaha Tuba is around as being thirteen pounds, as most tubas produced by Yamaha are used in marching bands or parades.

How much does a Yamaha mellophone weigh?

more than the typical mellophone (3.11lbs versus 3.7lbs). HOWEVER, this weight is centered in the middle of the instrument, not the bell, resulting in a much more balanced and easily-held instrument, reducing fatigue.

How much does a tuba weigh in lbs?

A tuba usually weighs between 20 and 30 pounds. Because of their weight, concert tubas rest on a player’s lap instead of being held up like other brass instruments. Marching tubas rest on the shoulder to avoid being too heavy for the player.

How much does a Yamaha sousaphone weigh?

The Yamaha sousaphone weight is between 18 pounds (8 kg) to 50 pounds (23 kg). This is a great sousaphone which is capable of holding the sound simultaneously at all volumes. This is the weight that you should go for as it has its value when it comes to a such an instrument.

Whats the most expensive tuba?

10 most expensive tubas in the world

  • Miraphone M7000L Ambassador EEb Tuba M7000S.
  • Miraphone 1291 Series 4/4 BBb Tuba 1291-4V.
  • Miraphone 188-5U 4/4 CC Tuba.
  • Miraphone 186 Series CC Tuba 186- 4VC.
  • Jupiter XO Professional 1680S Silver Plated CC Tuba.
  • King 2341W Series 4-Valve 4/4 BBb Tuba 2341WS.

How much does a sousaphone weigh?

The weight of a sousaphone can be between 18 pounds (8 kg) and 50 pounds (23 kg).

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