How much are tickets to Universal Studios Florida?

How much are tickets to Universal Studios Florida?

The Universal Studios theme park in Florida celebrates past and present movie hits with a series of rides and attractions. Typical costs: One-day tickets to Universal Studios Orlando[1] cost $88 for adults and $82 for children. A family of four can expect to pay about $340.

How much are universal tickets on the door?

Universal Orlando Ticket Prices

Ticket Single Park Ticket Park-to-Park Ticket
1-Day Adult $116.08-$148.54 $174.66-$206.61
1-Day Child (3-9) $110.76-$142.71 $179.99-$201.29
2-Day Adult $254.52-$284.34 $318.42-$348.24
2-Day Child (3-9) $243.87-$273.69 $307.77-$337.59

How much does a universal ticket cost 2021?

While prices per ticket vary by day and also include tax, the general starting price point is $109.

How much is it to go to Universal Studios for 5 days?

Hotel, Tickets and Non-Stop Thrills for One Low Price You can’t stay forever, but you can pack a lot into five days. Enjoy the best of Universal Orlando Resort with a 3-Park, 5-Night vacation package starting from just $89* per person, per night.

Where can you buy universal tickets?

Head to Get Away Today’s Universal Studios Hollywood tickets page.

  • Select your first day in the parks. This is important because it may change the selection and deals available to you.
  • The page you see will be an add-on’s page.
  • How much are tickets to Universal Studios in Florida?

    If you are only visiting one park, the one day ticket price for Universal Studios Orlando 2022 for an adult starts at $109 and goes all the way up to $159 (tax not included). A child’s ticket is $5 lower, from $104-154 (tax not included).

    How much does it cost to go to Universal?

    They added a one-day, regular Universal Express pass to their trip, costing $89.99 per person during a weekday in June. Express pass total: $360.36 Food Food pricing varies greatly depending on an individual family. However, it is safe to budget to spend around $300 a day on food for a family of four.

    How many days to spend at Universal Orlando?

    Here’s how you could win. Enter the contest now on our First Coast News Facebook page, and you could win two 2-Park, 1-Day, Park-to-Park tickets for admission to Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure for you and one guest. You’ll also receive one Universal Orlando resort regular parking pass for one vehicle.

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