How much are Jughead comics worth?

How much are Jughead comics worth?

Record sale: $5,500 Archie’s Pal Jughead #1 can fetch as much as $2,700, while Reggie’s solo debut is only worth $700 or less.

Who is Jugheads girlfriend?

Betty CooperJughead Jones / Significant otherElizabeth “Betty” Cooper is one of the main characters appearing in American comic books published by Archie Comics. She is the lead guitarist, percussionist and one of the three singers of The Archies. Wikipedia

Who had a crush on Jughead in the comics?

Always searching for the way to Jughead’s heart, Ethel often relies on her cooking and baking skills to get close to her biggest crush. Jug is never interested in pursuing a romantic relationship, but he will usually agree to a date provided enough tasty treats are awaiting him!

Was Jughead asexual?

While Jughead was confirmed to be asexual in the 2015 series, and interpretations of the “classic” character like the one in Twelve Cent Archie considered his asexuality to be self-evident, other incarnations of the character have erased this aspect of his personality.

Are Archie books worth anything?

The most valuable Archie comic book ever known to have been sold went for more than $140,000. That’s right — $140,000! Archie made his first appearance in a comic book in 1941, in the issue “Pep No. 2”; that’s the one which made the big money.

Are Archie magazines worth anything?

The highest graded copy known is aCGC 8.5 that sold for $167,000 in 2011 setting a record for a non-super hero comic. That copy could easily bring $200,000 or more in today’s market. By any standard this is a rare book. A low grade copy (CGC VG 4.0) sold for $9,000 in 2008.

Does Jessica steal Jughead’s book?

Jessica says that after Jughead used her as fodder for his first book, she was afraid he was going to write about their time in New York and she really doesn’t want her parents or friends reading that. Betty takes out the manuscript and hands it to Jessica.

Does Cole Sprouse have a kid?

However, in early February 2020, the actor confirmed his romance with model Clara Berry. In May 2021, the couple announced they are expecting their first child together. By September that year, the two welcomed their son, Sasha.

Who is Jughead’s girlfriend in Season 5?

Tabitha Tate (played by Erinn Westbrook) has quickly become Riverdale fans’ latest obsession after the new character was first introduced at the start of season five.

Does Ethel have a crush on Jughead?

Ethel appears in the 1990 television film Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again, where she is portrayed as an adult by Cindy Ambuehl. Ethel is now a gorgeous fashion model, having been a late bloomer, and still has a crush on Jughead Jones.

How is Polly and Jason related?

Yep, Polly (Tiera Skovbye) and Betty’s (Lili Reinhart) great-grandfather that Hal (Lochlyn Munro) is always going on about wasn’t just murdered by Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) and Jason’s great-grandfather. The two pappy’s were actually brothers — which makes Jason and Polly third cousins.

Does Jughead marry Betty?

According to teasers from the cast, it actually sounds like the high school friends went their separate ways — which doesn’t mean Jughead isn’t married, he just might not be married to Betty, which is a bummer for a lot of fans.

What is Jughead like as a person?

Unlike his starry-eyed best friend, Jughead is much more analytical about a lot of things. Considering how much trouble it gets Archie in, Jug is a little wary of dating!

Why does Jughead wear a hat?

The unique hat Jughead wears is actually a good luck charm that he never takes off. Bad things tend to happen when the cap is removed, such as his female foil Ethel stealing a kiss! Jug is also surprisingly sharp and witty compared to his casual demeanor.

What does Jughead Jones like to eat?

Likes: Burgers, fries, ham, chicken, pizza, sausage, noodles, eggs, cheese and everything else on your grocery list! Always hungry and fiercely lazy, Forsythe P. “Jughead” Jones III is best recognized by his insatiable appetite and interesting choice of headwear.

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