How much are Haro BMX bikes worth?

How much are Haro BMX bikes worth?

The South Shore’s most complete bicycle shop, for 34 years and counting.

Premium Products
STRAY Matte Black, Cadet Blue $349.99
INSPIRED Matte Grey, Cherry Cola $399.99

What year did the Haro master come out?

The Haro Master vs. The first generation Haro Master went into development in the fall of 1983, and its release the following summer set the standard for innovation.

How much does a Haro master weigh?

But me being a owner of one of these can tell you. It’s worth every penny. Great job Haro!…Features.

Colors Chrome
Weight 24.2 lbs
Cranks Haro group one cranks (bolt drive interface) rsd and lsd; 165; 165mm; 19mm od 48-spline spindle; heat treated 4130

Is Haro American made?

Haro Bikes Corporation is an American BMX and Mountain bicycle manufacturer which was founded in 1978 by Bob Haro. The Haro bikes were considered Freestyle BMX bikes….Haro Bikes.

Industry Bicycles
Products Freestyle
Website Haro Bikes

Are Haro Bikes Made in USA?

Haro uses factories in Taiwan for producing all of its models.

Where are Haro BMX bikes made?

Haro falls in line with most other large bike manufacturers in that it outsources all of its frame production. Haro uses factories in Taiwan for producing all of its models.

How do you read a BMX serial number?

For instance, if the BMX’s production date is August 1988, the serial number appears H8808XXX. In this example, H stands for the HARO model, 88 for the year of production, which is 1988, and 08 for August. The serial number, H89071071, is stamped in a 1990 model produced in July 1989.

How much do Haro bikes weigh?

26 lbs

Colors Black, Matte Army Green, White
Weight 26 lbs
Cranks 3-pc Cr-Mo 8 Spline 170mm

Are Haro Bikes good quality?

These bikes have produced excellent performances when tested at the highest level; they come with top-notch downhill, endurance, and trail performances. These bikes offer an efficient and fast ride even when the cyclist is dealing with a very rough surface. The iconic Triple Triangle seat provides enhanced comfort and strength.

Where to buy Haro Bikes?

Haro Bikes for Sale Online. Bike Attack carries a huge selection of Haro BMX Bikes, Jump Bikes, Kids Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes and you can buy them Online at or in Playa Vista (310) 862-5001 – Playa Vista (424) 744-8148 – Santa Monica.

What is the best freestyle bike?

– Fork – 4130 Chromoly – Frame – 4130 Chromoly, BMX freestyle geometry, removable brake mounts, integrated headset – Chain – KMC HL1 Halflink – Front Hub – Aluminum, sealed-bearing, 3/8 in bolt, 36H – Rear Hub – Aluminum, sealed bearing freecoaster rear hub, 14 mm axle, 36H

Where do they sell BMX bikes?

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