How many students are in Unimaid?

How many students are in Unimaid?

about 25,000 students
It enrolls about 25,000 students in its combined programs, which include a college of medicine and faculties of agriculture, arts, environmental science, Allied health science, Basic medical science, dentistry, education, engineering, law, management science, pharmacy, science, social science, and veterinary medicine.

What is the current population of Maiduguri?

Maiduguri Population 2022

Year Population Growth
2024 870,201 25,454
2023 844,747 22,410
2022 822,337 19,349
2021 802,988 16,503

What is Maiduguri known for?

The Lake Chad Research Institute is located in Maiduguri. The city is dominated by the palace and adjacent mosque of the shehu of Bornu, an important traditional Muslim leader in Nigeria. The city lies astride the historic pilgrim route from Senegal to Mecca.

Is University of Maiduguri competitive?

Admission into the University Of Maiduguri (UNIMAID) is VERY COMPETITIVE. It must be further noted that the University Of Maiduguri Admission is on MERIT. Gaining admission into UNIMAID hasn’t been an easy ride.

What is the land mass of University of Maiduguri?

This assessment revealed that as at January 2015, a land area of 351.52 hectares has been developed from the total University”s land area of 4131.07 hectares.

How many languages are there in Borno?

People And Languages Linguists classify twenty six of the Chadic languages spoken in Borno.

Who is Borno State governor?

Babagana Umara Zulum (born August 25, 1969) is a Nigerian professor and politician. He is the serving Governor of Borno State in the 2019 Governorship election under the platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

What is the capital city of Maiduguri?

Borno State
Maiduguri /maɪˈduːɡʊri/ is the capital and the largest city of Borno State in north-eastern Nigeria. The city sits along the seasonal Ngadda River which disappears into the Firki swamps in the areas around Lake Chad.

What rank is University of Maiduguri?

University of Maiduguri

World Ranking Continental Ranking Country Rank
3954 88 27

What is the website of the University of Maiduguri? The University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID) is located in Maiduguri, the capital city of Borno State in northeast Nigeria. The university was created by the federal government of Nigeria in 1975, with the intention of its becoming one of the country’s principal higher-education institutions.

What is the total budget of University of Maiduguri?

The total budget is ₦ 1,920,660,623.11. The university is the major higher institution of learning in the north-eastern part of the country. The university of Maiduguri has 12 faculties.

Is the University of Maiduguri approved by the NUC?

The approved affiliate institutions of the University of Maiduguri, approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC) are as follows: In the early morning of January 16, 2017, there was a suicide bomb attack at a mosque at the University.

What happened in Maiduguri?

Three suicide bombers, including a child, exploded at dawn Monday at Nigeria’s northeastern University of Maiduguri, killing a university professor and another child, witnesses and police said […] He said 15 wounded people were evacuated to hospitals.

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