How many provinces are there in Bohol?

How many provinces are there in Bohol?

The province of Bohol is a first-class province divided into 3 congressional districts, comprising 1 component city and 47 municipalities. It has 1,109 barangays. The province is a popular tourist destination with its beaches and resorts….


How many islands are there in Bohol?

There are 75 islands and islets of Bohol. Most of them are clustered in the northeastern part of Bohol particularly in the towns of Tubigon, Inabanga, Getafe, Talibon, Bien Unido and Pres.

How many cities are there in Bohol?

There is only one city and 47 towns; 31 are along the coast, including Tagbilaran City and 17 are located inland. There are 1,113 barangays and 75 islands and islets. The largest island is Panglao which comprises the town of Dauis and Panglao and faces Tagbilaran City in the southwest.

Is Bohol part of Cebu?

At this time, Bohol was a part of the province of Cebu and was called a residencia. It became a separate politico-military province on July 22, 1854, together with the island of province of Siquijor. In 1879, there were 34 towns belonging to the province with a total population of 253,103.

What is the largest town in Bohol?

Tagbilaran City topped in terms of total population

  • The capital city of Bohol had a total population of 105,051 as of August 1, 2015.
  • Among the 47 municipalities, Ubay, Talibon and Carmen were the top three most populous with population of 73,712, 66,969 and 46,306, respectively.

Which part of Bohol is Eastern?

Guindulman is situated on the eastern part of Bohol, 84.6 kilometers from Tagbilaran, the capital and lone city of Bohol province. It is bounded by the towns of Candijay, Anda and Duero.

What is the capital of Bohol?

Tagbilaran City
Bohol is an island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region, consisting of Bohol Island and 75 minor surrounding islands. Its capital is Tagbilaran City.

What is famous in Bohol?

If you’re planning to travel here soon, we’ve rounded up the 15 best Bohol tourist spots you should visit.

  • Panglao Island.
  • Chocolate Hills.
  • Hinagdanan Cave.
  • Loboc River.
  • Bamboo Hanging Bridge.
  • Man-Made Forest.
  • Anda Beach.
  • Blood Compact Shrine.

What is the basket capital of Bohol?

Hailed the Basket Capital of Bohol, Antequera is a small municipality which lies 18.5 kilometers to the west of Tagbilaran City.

What is the capital city in the province of Bohol?

Is Bohol Eastern Visayas?

There are three administrative regions in the Visayas: Western Visayas (pop. 7.9 million), Central Visayas (8 million) and Eastern Visayas (4.5 million)….Visayas.

Native name: Kabisay-an (Visayan) Kabisayaan (Tagalog)
Major islands Bohol Cebu Leyte Negros Panay Samar
Area 71,503 km2 (27,607 sq mi)

Why is Bohol called Bohol?

Some historians had said that “the name Bohol is derived from Bo-ol, a barrio from the mainland, in a place where Magellan’s men came upon after they toured the island of Panglao. Other chroniclers and early historians invariably write the name of this province as Bojo, Bojol, and Bohol.

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