How many people died in the tornado in 1999?

How many people died in the tornado in 1999?

Abstract. The 3 May 1999 Oklahoma City tornado was the deadliest in the United States in over 20 years, with 36 direct fatalities.

How long did the 1999 Oklahoma tornado last?

1 hour, 25 minutes
1999 Bridge Creek–Moore tornado

F5 tornado
Duration 1 hour, 25 minutes
Dissipated May 3, 1999, 7:48 pm. CDT (UTC−05:00)
Highest winds 134.5 ± 10 m/s (301 ± 22 mph) (as measured by mobile Doppler radar)
Max. rating1 F5 tornado

How many tornadoes were there in 1999?

1,339 tornadoes
During 1999, a total of 1,339 tornadoes touched down across the United States, ranking it as the eighth-most active year since reliable records began to be kept in 1950; at the time, 1999 was the fourth-most active year on record. The year began with the most active January on record, featuring 216 tornadoes.

What caused the 1999 Oklahoma tornado?

The outbreak was caused by a vigorous upper-level trough that moved into the Central and Southern Plains states on the morning of May 3. That morning, low stratus clouds overspread much of Oklahoma, with clear skies along and west of a dry line located from Gage to Childress, Texas.

What tornado did the most damage?

Most damaging tornado The 1896 St. Louis–East St. Louis tornado on May 27, incurred the most damages adjusted for wealth and inflation, at an estimated $4.6 billion (2019 USD).

What was the worst year for tornadoes in Oklahoma?

2013 Moore tornado

EF5 tornado
Dissipated 3:35 p.m. CDT (UTC−05:00), May 20, 2013
Highest winds 210 mph (340 km/h)
Max. rating1 EF5 tornado
Fatalities 24 fatalities (+2 indirect), 212 injuries

What’s the worst tornado in US history?

the Tri-State Tornado
The most “extreme” tornado in recorded history was the Tri-State Tornado, which spread through parts of Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana on March 18, 1925. It is considered an F5 on the Fujita Scale, even though tornadoes were not ranked on any scale at the time.

What are the 5 worst tornadoes?

The U.S. has a history of devastating tornadoes. Here are the 5 deadliest

  • TRI-STATE TORNADO, March 18, 1925.
  • JOPLIN, MISSOURI, May 22, 2011.
  • FLINT, MICHIGAN, June 8, 1953.
  • SHINNSTON, WEST VIRGINIA, June 23, 1944.

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