How many Magnet hospitals are in Virginia?

How many Magnet hospitals are in Virginia?

Of the 155 VA medical centers (VAMCs) in the U.S., only three have earned the Magnet designation.

Is VCU Health a magnet hospital?

Recognized for exceptional patient care and excellence in nursing practice, VCU Medical Center has been re-designated as a Magnet® hospital by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

Who owns St Mary’s Hospital in Richmond VA?

Bon Secours
In Virginia, Bon Secours operates four hospitals in the Richmond area — St. Mary’s Hospital, St. Francis Medical Center, Memorial Regional Medical Center and Richmond Community Hospital. The company also operates three hospitals in Hampton Roads.

Is there a business case for Magnet hospitals?

On average, MHs receive an adjusted net increase in inpatient income of $104.22-$127.05 per discharge after becoming a Magnet which translates to an additional $1,229,770-$1,263,926 in income per year.

How do you know if a hospital is Magnet?

Magnet hospitals are assessed not only on the quality of nursing in the institution but on what that professional practice can achieve. Magnet certification reviews a number of professional practice measures, including the autonomy of its nursing staff and the relationships between its nurses and other medical teams.

Which hospital has most Magnet designations?

The Johns Hopkins Hospital has once again achieved Magnet designation in recognition of its nursing excellence. The American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Magnet Recognition Program is the highest national credential for professional nursing practice.

How many beds does Bon Secours St Mary’s Hospital have?

391Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital / Number of beds

What county is St Mary’s Hospital in Virginia?


St. Mary’s Hospital
Phone (804) 285-2011
Web Address
County Henrico
Year Established 1966

How many Magnet hospitals are there?

How many Magnet Hospitals are in the United States? Only about 8% of US Hospitals achieve Magnet designation. There are currently 475 Magnet Hospitals in the nation and 34 of those are in California.

Why are Magnet hospitals better?

Magnet hospitals are better able to attract the best nurses and retain these employees, which results in improved patient care and satisfaction as well as lower mortality rates. These hospitals typically have lower turnover among nurses and a safer environment overall.

How many beds does St Mary’s Hospital Richmond VA have?

Do Magnet hospitals have better outcomes?

Overall outcomes were improved for patients treated in Magnet hospitals than in non-Magnet facilities, but for Magnet hospitals, outcome rates did not differ before and after recognition. Additional organizational factors likely contribute to the favorable outcomes observed in Magnet hospitals.

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