How many children did Rassundari Devi had?

How many children did Rassundari Devi had?

12 children
She bore 12 children, of whom 7 died early. Her husband died in 1868. Her son Kishori Lal Sarkar became an advocate at Calcutta High Court and is the author of several noteworthy works.

Why did Rassundari compare herself to a caged bird?

I would never be freed.” In fact, the metaphor of a bird being caged is quite dominant in Rassundari’s autobiography. She saw herself as a prisoner of marriage from where she wished to break free and transcend her worldly duties as a wife, mother, and daughter-in-law to meet her God.

Who was Dayamadhav?

Her mother explained that Dayamadhav, though their family deity, was God; that God was omnipresent and omniscient; that there was only one God who was everyone’s God. When she was eight, she was permitted to attend—just attend, nothing more—a boys’ school, located in the outer house of their family home.

What was the earliest fear of Rassundari Devi in her childhood days?

She should learn to read, she thought…so that she could read Hindu texts for herself, and get closer to her beloved Lord Vishnu. The thought terrified her in its audacity, but it lingered. It was a full dozen years later, when she was 26 that she dared to do something about it.

Who was Rassundari Devi What did she write in her autobiography?

Rashsundari Devi was a housewife from a rich landlord’s family in west Bengal. She wrote about her everyday life experiences in her autobiography. Was this answer helpful?

Where was Rassundari Devi born?

Pabna District, BangladeshRassundari Devi / Place of birth

What did Rassundari Devi describe in her autobiography?

In her autobiography, Rassundari Devi (1810-?) writes that she used to curse herself for having such evil desires since women from ‘cultured’ households did not learn to read. Literate women were considered bad in the society.

Who was Rassundari Devi Class 8?

Rashsundari Devi (1800-1890) was born in West Bengal. She was a housewife from a rich landlord’s family. During her time, it was believed that if a woman learnt to read and write, she would bring bad luck to her husband and become a widow.

When was Rassundari Devi born?

1810Rassundari Devi / Date of birth

Who was Rassundari Devi born?

What are the major themes in Amar Jiban?

“Amar Jiban” is a document that tells us how purdah (veil) was a part of the culture of Bengal. Centuries of patriarchal domination had normalised women into living under such practices and they considered it their rightful duty to remain in this jail.

Where is Rassundari Devi born?

1810, Pabna District, BangladeshRassundari Devi / Born

Who is Rassundari Devi?

Rassundari Devi was born to a rural zamindari family in the small village of Potajia in Pabna (western Bangladesh) in 1809/1810. She lost her father Padmalochan Roy when she was only a small child. She was raised by her widowed mother with whom she developed a deep emotional attachment for life.

How did Rassundari Devi learn to read and write?

Rassundari Devi learned to read and write amidst the popular belief in those days that women who gained​ literacy brought disaster upon their families and were punished by God with widowhood. Not only did she learn to read, but she also decided to record the events and details of her everyday domestic life in a book and got it published.

How did Rassundari Devi take up the responsibility of the household?

At the age of fourteen, Rassundari Devi faced no choice but to assume responsibility of the entire household as her mother-in-law had lost her eye-sight and become bedridden. She now had to do all the housework from cleaning to cooking to attending to guests and looking after everyone’s comfort. The family was a large one.

What was the education of Rassundari like as a child?

Rassundari never received a formal education – educating girls was considered a sacrilegious act in her days. However, as a child, she would sit with the young boys in the outer room of her parents’ house where a missionary woman came to teach. She would listen to the boys repeating alphabets written on the board and try to learn.

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