How long does Avent steriliser take?

How long does Avent steriliser take?

The microwave steam steriliser can be used to sterilise baby bottles and other products in just 2 minutes, killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The exact length of the cycle depends on the wattage of your microwave. 2 minutes at 1200–1850 W, 4 minutes at 850–1100 W, 6 minutes at 500–800 W.

How do I use my Avent microwave steriliser?

It’s 2 minutes in 1100-1850w microwave, 4 minutes in 850-1000w microwave, 6 minutes in 500-850w microwave. Just add 200ml of water to the base and heat. The bottles are then sterile for 24 hours with the lid intact, and if you do need to re-sterilise it doesn’t take long.

How long does Philips Avent take?

For days when you’re rushed off your feet, this Philips Avent baby bottle warmer warms your milk quickly and evenly in just 3 minutes. Easy to operate, it features a handy defrost setting and can also be used to warm baby food. The bottle warmer will warm 150ml/5oz of milk in just 3 minutes*.

Do I have to dry bottles after sterilizing?

Any water left inside the bottles after sterilisation is sterile and won’t collect germs so there’s no need to dry. In fact wiping the inside of a bottle after sterilisation could even add germs, so it’s best not to.

Do you have to wash bottles before putting them in a sterilizer?

Before sterilising, you need to: Clean bottles, teats and other feeding equipment in hot, soapy water as soon as possible after feeds. Use a clean bottle brush to clean bottles (only use this brush for cleaning bottles), and a small teat brush to clean the inside of teats.

How do I use my Philips microwave steriliser?

Just add water, load and place in the microwave for as little as 2 minutes. The exact length of the cycle will depend on the wattage of your microwave: 2 min at 1100-1850 Watt, 4 min at 850-1000 Watt, 6 min at 500-850 Watt.

How long do Avent bottle warmers take?

How long does a Philips Avent bottle warmer take?

3 minutes
The bottle warmer will warm 150ml/5oz of milk in just 3 minutes*. The bottle warmer warms quickly and evenly. By circulating the milk continuously as it warms, hot spots are also prevented. The bottle warmer features a handy defrost setting.

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