How long can you dive with rebreather?

How long can you dive with rebreather?

2-3 hours
You can usually dive for 2-3 hours with even small cylinders (rebreathers typically have either two 2/3l cylinders or one 3/5l cylinder). Finally, divers are usually adventure and fun seeking individuals and there is nothing more exciting than trying something new.

What are the chances of dying while cave diving?

Information and data from the ” Diving Medicine for Scuba Divers ” showed: 1% of divers died while they were attempting a rescue. 5% died while cave diving. 10% had received advice that they were medically unfit to go diving. 10% were ‘under trained’ when they died.

How deep can you go on a rebreather?

Somewhat differently from the more technically oriented dive-training agencies, PADI offers two levels of recreational rebreather diver course, qualifying students to a maximum depth of 59 feet (18 m) and 130 feet (40 m) respectively.

How deep can a Navy SEAL dive with a rebreather?

How Deep Can a Navy SEAL Diver With a Rebreather? The rebreather (LAR V Draeger) allows divers to dive to a maximum depth of 70 m. The open-circuit breathing systems can enable the navy seal to go further in-depth, but not too much.

How heavy is a rebreather?


Flight Weight (w/o cylinders) 18.25kg 16.39kg
Unit Height 57.5cm 51cm
Width x Depth 40 x 35cm 40 x 35cm
Summary Extended scrubber & cylinder duration. Perfect for deeper longer diving More compact than the Inspiration XPD. Extended scrubber

How long do military rebreathers last?

A single fill of a small gas cylinder or cylinders and CO2 scrubber can last for anywhere from one to six hours, depending on which rebreather it is. Unlike open-circuit scuba, your gas duration on a rebreather is nearly independent of depth, so you could, in theory, spend all that time on the bottom.

Who invented the rebreather?

A prototype rebreather was built in 1849 by Pierre Aimable De Saint Simon Sicard, and in 1853 by Professor T. Schwann in Belgium. It had a large back mounted oxygen tank with working pressure of about 13.3 bar, and two scrubbers containing sponges soaked in a caustic soda solution.

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