How long are extra safe Durex condoms?

How long are extra safe Durex condoms?

7.7 inches
Durex Extra Safe condoms are 195mm long, which is the same as 7.7 inches, so they’ll fit most men comfortably in length.

Do condoms need to be refrigerated?

It’s best to keep condoms in a cool dark place, like your bedside table or in your wallet or purse. Condoms don’t like extreme cold or heat. So, don’t put them in the fridge, and keep them out of the sun.

Can condoms be damaged by cold?

DON’T store condoms in your glove compartment or any other place that gets extremely cold or hot. This can damage or degrade the condom (e.g., freezing from cold or wearing down from heat).

Does Durex Extra Safe?

Durex Extra Safe Condoms have been designed to offer you maximum protection during sex. Made from slightly thicker latex and extra silicone lubrication, Extra Safe Condoms can offer peace of mind without having to forfeit any of the pleasure.

How reliable are Durex Extra Safe?

Durex extra safe, £2.99 for 3 Yes, they are very, very thick and yes, that does reduce the sensation for him and change the sensation for her. But they’re called extra safe for a reason, and they are really reliable. These are the best condoms for drunk sex, when you’re likely to fumble and snag a thinner condom.

Why do you put condoms in the freezer?

Though it might sound fun, don’t keep your condoms in the refrigerator or freezer. Freezing or refrigerating condoms won’t keep them fresh and will only affect the material and condition of the condom. Don’t store condoms outside. It’s important to keep them in a dry, cool area.

How cold is too cold for condoms?

“It’s definitely true that condoms should be stored for longer periods of time in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. And it’s best to avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures above 100 degrees or below 32 degrees. But short periods of time in these temperatures will not likely damage the condom.”

Can condoms sit in car?

Avoid storing your condoms in your vehicle. The temperature inside your vehicle is unstable, so the condoms could get damaged. Even if the weather outside is nice, keep in mind that your car can reach more extreme temperatures than outdoors.

Is Durex Extra Time dotted?

DUREX Extra Time 10s + Extra Dots Dotted 3s (10s + 3s = 13 Condoms) Condom (Set of 2, 13 Sheets) Do not use this product for anything other than its intended purpose.

What makes Durex Extra Safe condoms extra safe?

Durex Extra Safe are transparent, slightly thicker and extra lubricated to give you reassurance and optimum comfort, so you can feel free to relax and enjoy great sex with the peace of mind that you’re protected.

What is Durex extra safe?

Durex Extra Safe. This latex condom is thicker than others to provide maximum safety. Under this name it’s available in Europe. In the US there was Durex Extra Strength but it seems it’s no longer available.

What size Durex condom should I buy?

If you need a smaller sized Durex condom, check out the Durex Kingtex Small Size 49mm Smooth Condom. These have become a bestseller in Thailand and are made of natural rubber with a lubricant cover to provide for an outstanding experience. These come in three packs or twelve packs depending on how many you’ll need.

What is a Sensi-fit™ Durex?

Just a classic Durex condom with a straight shape, made from a natural latex. Comes in two different wrappers: the blue one and the orange one (Durex Basic Orange). Ultra thin Durex condom with a Sensi-Fit™ shape which should enhance the sensations.

What is Durex enhanced pleasure?

Durex enhanced pleasure, which is somewhat smaller than the average condom with a contour shape to give a better fit, is available on a small scale in the US ( update – also no longer available!). This condom is categorized in many online stores as a smaller condom and is ideal for men who are average or slightly below average.

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