How full is Diamond Lake Oregon?

How full is Diamond Lake Oregon?

It lies near the junction of Oregon Route 138 and Oregon Route 230 in the Umpqua National Forest in Douglas County….Diamond Lake (Oregon)

Diamond Lake
Water volume 77,100 acre-feet (95,100,000 m3)
Residence time 1.6 years
Shore length1 11 mi (18 km)
Surface elevation 5,183 ft (1,580 m)

What is the water level at Diamond Lake Oregon?

5,138 feet
The lake, at 5,138 feet elevation on the Douglas County side of the Cascade Crest, is wholly within a designated recreational area in the Umpqua National Forest.

Can you swim in Diamond Lake Oregon?

Nice paved bike trail around the lake. Good fishing. No real swimming place.

Where does Diamond Lake get its water?

The water from the Colorado River Aqueduct is delivered to reservoir forebay through the San Diego Canal from where it is pumped to the Diamond Valley Lake reservoir. The other source of water is from the California State Water Project, which draws water from Silverwood Lake into the reservoir by gravity.

Is Diamond Lake a reservoir?

Diamond Valley Lake is a man-made off-stream reservoir located near Hemet, California, United States. It is one of the largest reservoirs in Southern California and also one of the newest….

Diamond Valley Lake
Lake type Reservoir
Basin countries United States
Max. length 4.5 mi (7.2 km)
Max. width 2 mi (3 km)

Why is Diamond Lake called Diamond Lake?

Diamond Lake was named after John Diamond, a pioneer settler who first noticed the lake from atop the soon-to-be-named Diamond Peak. The lake is nestled completely within the Umpqua National Forest and is flanked on the west by Mt.

Is Diamond Lake a volcano?

The volcanic peaks in the Diamond Lake area became inactive about the time glaciers began to form on them. The peaks were thus unable to resist the attack of glacial erosion. Younger High Cascade peaks, such as Mt. Mazama some 15 miles to the south of Mt.

Can you boat in Diamond Lake?

Diamond Lake Resort rents 16 and 18 foot aluminum boats. Please note: All reservations for fishing boat rental, patio boat rental, charter fishing boat seats and boat moorage, require an advanced deposit. Please call 1-541-793-3333 X 5 to make your marina reservations and deposit.

Can you jet ski on Diamond Valley Lake?

Body contact (such as swimming, water skiing and use of personal watercraft) is prohibited. Boats are required to have clean-burning engines that use direct fuel injection.

Can you boat on Diamond Valley Lake?

The speed limit for all watercraft on Diamond Valley Lake is 25mph. The maximum speed for boats within 200 feet of the shore, dams, other operational structures and in marina areas is 5mph. Pets are not allowed. All boats must receive an MWD inspection sticker before getting onto Diamond Valley Lake.

What kind of fish are in Diamond Lake Oregon?

Species you might catch

  • Black crappie.
  • Brown bullhead.
  • Brown trout.
  • Green sunfish.
  • Largemouth bass.
  • Pumpkinseed Sunfish.
  • Rainbow trout.
  • Yellow perch.

What type of volcano is Diamond Peak?

basaltic-andesite shield volcano
Diamond Peak, a basaltic-andesite shield volcano, dominates the Willamette Pass area. Capped by a pyroclastic cone, Diamond Peak probably erupted in the last 100,000 years.

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