How fast is a Polaris XCR 600?

How fast is a Polaris XCR 600?

Although there have been anecdotal reports of the XC 600 going as fast as 120 mph, the official stock speed is listed at 102 mph, which is still incredibly fast, especially for a 1997 model.

How much does a Polaris XCR cost?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $15,199 N/A
Options (Add)
Total Price $15,199 N/A

What is the fastest 2 stroke snowmobile?

The fastest speed among the two-strokes was recorded by this Polaris 850 Indy XC 137. Photo by JJ Outlaw Photography. These sleds were studded more heavily than the 600s – with four studs per lug row instead of three, and 1.325-inch studs on the ZR, 1.575-inch studs in the Renegade and 1.740-inchers in the Polaris.

What’s the fastest stock snowmobile?

The most powerful stock snowmobile currently available is the Arctic Cat ZR Thundercat which has an impressive 211 horsepower.

What does SKS stand for in Polaris?

-aggressive/less technical ish
So if you were to ask us the difference between the two and riding styles we would suggest it’s aggressive/technical (Pro RMK) vs. non-aggressive/less technical ish (SKS). Someone might want to argue that point but the bottom line is the SKS has a different purpose on the snow and, thus, a different rider in mind.

What is Polaris fastest sled?

1. Polaris 850 Rush Pro-S. The Polaris Rush Pro-S is another snowmobile that is built for speed. This one is powered by the 850 Patriot engine that is known for its high performance and power.

How fast will a 600 Ace go?


Engine details 600 ACE Liquid-cooled, four-stroke D.O.H.C., dry sump
Displacement 36.61 in3
Bore 2.9 in
Stroke 2.7 in
Maximum engine speed 7250 rpm

What does RMK stand for?


Acronym Definition
RMK Remark (Weather METAR)
RMK Riigimetsa Majandamise Keskuse (Estonian: State Forest Management Center)
RMK Rocky Mountain King (Polaris Snowmobiles)
RMK Roof Mounting Kit (construction)

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