How does Wikipedia make its money?

How does Wikipedia make its money?

Wikipedia operates on a donation-based revenue model where the organisation gets most of its funds in the form of donations from millions of individuals and corporations around the world.

How much money does Wikipedia make a year?

Wikipedia:Fundraising statistics

Year Source Revenue
2020/2021 PDF $ 162,886,686
2019/2020 PDF $ 129,234,327
2018/2019 PDF $ 120,067,266
2017/2018 PDF $ 104,505,783

How much does Wikipedia cost to run?

For context, it costs the site $25 million each year to run.

How much does the CEO of Wikipedia make?

Salary: In a 2019 Tweet, Jimmy confirmed that in the entire history of the Wikimedia Foundation, he has made $0 in salary.

Who is the real owner of Wikipedia?

Jimmy Donal Wales
Jimmy Donal Wales (born August 7, 1966), also known by the pseudonym Jimbo, is an American-British Internet entrepreneur, webmaster, and former financial trader. He is a co-founder of the online non-profit encyclopedia Wikipedia and the for-profit web hosting company Wikia, later renamed Fandom.

Are Wikipedia owners rich?

This internet entrepreneur’s net worth and lifestyle choices may surprise you. Jimmy Wales, who is sometimes known as Jimbo, is surprisingly only worth $1 million (£751,800).

Is Jimmy Wales rich?

Jimmy Wales New Worth and salary: Jimmy Wales is an American Internet entrepreneur who has a net worth of $1.5 million. Jimmy Wales is an American-British Internet entrepreneur who co-founded the online non-profit encyclopedia, Wikipedia, and the for-profit web-hosting company, Wikia.

Who invented Youtube?

Jawed Karim
Steve ChenChad Hurley

How much does the CEO of Wikipedia earn?

In 2019 the salary for Wikimedia Foundation’s CEO was $387,770.

Why is wikipedia begging for money?

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  • How much money does Wikipedia cost on a yearly basis?

    Therefore the cost per month is $0.01 per unique user per month. This is probably the best value for charity anywhere in the world since it is less than a penny a month per user, or 12 cents per year. This also means that if you have donated $20 to Wikipedia, you have paid for nearly 250 people who don’t pay at all!

    Why you should donate to Wikipedia?

    Why You Should Donate to Wikipedia. In today’s environment of echo chambers, fake news, and confirmation bias, we seem to be heading down a path to voluntary ignorance. Where the end of that path leads, no one knows. However, we know enough to say that that place resembles hell more than heaven. The original promise of the Internet was to unite the world’s collective intelligence, unleashing the power of global teamwork and letting previously-unconnected individuals harness ideas and

    Where does Wikipedia get its funding?

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